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Elaborate Engagement Stories

William W.

My fiancée and I were planning a trip to Louisville, KY to see the Broadway musical Wicked. She had begun getting suspicious that I might propose but had no idea that I was planning to make this small trip into something much more special. I started off by making sure we would have the best s ... [read more]

Victoria L.

The man of my dreams proposed to me on New Year's Eve afternoon, right after I got off from work. Shawn had the entire week off. He told me that he had been sleeping and playing video games for the majority of his break; I thought nothing of it. We had recently gotten back from a Christmas vacation ... [read more]

Tricia D.

Ten years ago, as high school sweet hearts, my young boyfriend swept me away to a cabin on the coast over my birthday and Valentine's Day weekend. On February 14, 1997 he proposed to me. I accepted his proposal. I was young and so was he. Given our ages, in 1998 we separated. I became scared and ove ... [read more]

Tiffany P.

In the months leading up to the proposal, my now-fiancé Scott and his brother were starting a business from scratch, so I accepted the fact that we wouldn't be making any big changes for a while. Though many of our friends were asking when he was planning on popping the question, I assured th ... [read more]

Susan I.

Neil and I met at a networking event in June of 2007. The event was held at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. We have attended many subsequent networking events at different locations since then. On December 2, 2008, Digital Rochester was holding their annual "Festivus" Holiday event. Inciden ... [read more]

Shelly H.

My fiancé, Andy, was worried that he would not be able to surprise me with a proposal. So, when my dad called to invite him to the 2nd round playoff game for the Titans, he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pop the question! He left early Saturday morning to "drive to Nashville" ... [read more]

Sarah J.

One Thursday morning, my boyfriend Kevin surprised me with a trip to Disneyworld. I had thought we were going somewhere for my birthday on Friday, so I was shocked when he woke me up on Thursday and said we didn't have to go to work. He finally said, "I'm going to get my suitcase. There's a message ... [read more]

Sarah F.

The name "Sarah " means "princess. " I told Aaron that on our first date as one of those little facts you reveal about yourself when you are getting to know someone new. Almost immediately, Aaron and I shared a closeness that quickly transformed into love. So, it was not a surprise when the word "ma ... [read more]

Regina S.

My husband-to-be and I had been dating for almost three years when we started talking about getting married, but big trips and holidays came and went without a proposal. He made it seem like he hadn't bought a ring or even thought of buying one yet, so I wasn't suspicious when he asked me to meet hi ... [read more]

Rebecca C.

My boyfriend had been planning a getaway in celebration of our eight year anniversary in October 2008. Before we left for the surprise destination, he had me put on a blindfold. The joke of our relationship is that he has a difficult time surprising me, so I decided to be a good sport and wear the b ... [read more]

Monica B.

John and I met on our very first day at Loyola College in 2001. After graduation in 2005, our relationship turned long distance while John went to NYU School of Medicine and I worked in Baltimore. Our proposal story took place on April 19, 2007, and I will cherish it always! It was Thursday, and it ... [read more]

Moira N.

Growing up in a large Irish Catholic community in Cleveland, I had dreamed of taking a trip to Ireland for as long as I could remember. When I started dating my fiancé, he thought I was crazy for being so passionate about my strong Irish Catholic upbringing because he doesn't have an Irish ba ... [read more]

Mitzi M.

The Saturday night after Christmas, we were attending a sing-a-long Christmas party at my boyfriend's parents' house. My boyfriend lives in a small town, so many of their co-workers, friends, religious figures and family members were all in attendance. His mother had asked him earlier in the month i ... [read more]

Miranda K.

After Aaron and I talked about going to Florida for spring break, we were both so excited. He asked me to find all the places I wanted to go. When I got to the Discovery Cove website, I was so thrilled! It listed that you could feed tropical birds, swim with 150 tropical fish and stingrays and even ... [read more]

Melissa R.

Prequel: At the time of the proposal, I worked for an eLearning software company based out of a university. During one of our in house training sessions, I noticed one learner was being quite suspicious. I watched this gentleman's actions and computer screen closely; I realized he was trying to tap ... [read more]

Melissa P.

We were on a weekend trip to Las Vegas. The first night we were there he suggested we go for ice cream. He said he knew of this really well-known ice cream place where everyone goes. We got all dressed up and headed to our car rental. We were driving for what seemed like hours, but in actuality it w ... [read more]

Marissa G.

My fiancé Steve and I spent the second day of our week-long Cape Cod vacation on the beach and followed it up with a nap. Steve woke me with a drink, and we enjoyed it on the back porch of the cottage that we shared with Steve's family. Steve appeared a bit preoccupied, but it was nothing tha ... [read more]

Maria T.

James and I decided to see a movie at 1:30 pm. At 1 pm, we walked outside and there was a white stretch limo parked in front of the complex. James said that it was for me. I was like, "We're going to the movies in a limo?" Then, he put me in the limo with an envelope and a kiss and said, "I'll see y ... [read more]

Lisa M.

My then-boyfriend, Alex, had asked me to come to a school event the weekend of November 22, 2008. He said that his school, the VCU Brandcenter, was going to be displaying some of the student's work at the Byrd Theatre, a nearby historic theater. I drove down that Saturday and met him at his apartmen ... [read more]

Linzi R.

My fiancé's aunt works for a hotel and told us she could give us a complimentary hotel room because business was slow with the end of the holidays. I didn't think anything of it since she had done it before. We had always wanted to go back to stay on the Riverwalk and go to Howl at the Moon ( ... [read more]

Leigh-Ann J.

I was really looking forward to my plans one weekend in October when my sister, sorority sisters and some other friends were coming into town. My boyfriend, Cameron, had also planned a wine and cheese party that Saturday. I had just finished a big exam, and was about to surround myself with loved on ... [read more]

Lawrence T.

Hello my name is Lawrence, and I met the woman of my dreams, Tedra, in June 2008. After falling madly in love with Tedra, I read some of her writing in junior college. I came across a story about her feelings after her father suddenly died when she was 14 years old. The story touched me deeply, the ... [read more]

Laurisa M.

What a crazy ending to what was two long weeks of planning the engagement! After converting the Love of My Life to an Oakland A's fan, I figured it would be pretty nice to propose in front of hundreds of people at an A's game and what better game than playing against our hated rivals, the Angels? I ... [read more]

Laurie P.

Our story started on a Saturday morning. Three weeks before, we decided that if we met our goals for our diets, we could go on a fancy date the Saturday evening before Christmas. Andy's idea of a fancy date is planning a nice evening out and keeping me in suspense of what the night's events would be ... [read more]

Lauren R.

On my fiancé's birthday and our second anniversary, I had a special dinner planned for him that night and was preparing for a very busy day of work. I was running errands during the day and was on my way to an afternoon meeting with my boss. I called him for final directions, and he said, "I' ... [read more]

Lanesha M.

The morning before our seventh anniversary, I was working at home as usual. On Mondays, Mark usually works a half-day and is home by 2pm. So, Mark called me several times to get me to cancel the appointment I had with my tax advisor, which I had scheduled for later in the day because I thought he wo ... [read more]

Kitan E.

My fiancé Richard takes me away for our anniversary every year. This last anniversary we had, he surprised me with a trip to Albuquerque, NM, where we stayed at a beautiful casino and resort. He also had more planned and had bought me front row tickets to see Boyz II Men, my favorite group of ... [read more]

Kim O.

After dating for more than five years and being close friends for nine, my boyfriend and I finally sealed the deal when he proposed one memorable evening on a business trip to New York. After 13 years in advertising, I should have known that Aaron would have proposed with a giant projection screen i ... [read more]

Katherine W.

It all started about a week before Josh proposed to me. We had gone out to eat and when finished I asked, "What's next, dinner or chill at my house?" He responded, "I don't care." I then jokingly said, "Oh I know, you have some romantic surprise for me." He said, "Yes. Actually, I do." I know that h ... [read more]

Karla M.

Over the summer, my bosses gave me some time off from work. When I told my fiancé Dan about the vacation time, he made arrangements for us to go to NYC and watch our friend in a kickboxing tournament. When the morning we were to travel to NYC came, we went to the airport to check in. It turns ... [read more]

Karen C.

My fiancé, Jerry, picked me up a little before noon on December 12th, 2008, and took me on a full day excursion that included a packed itinerary. It all began with a picnic in the park, followed by go-kart racing, wine tasting, a competitive game of air hockey and some old fashion fun in the b ... [read more]

Kara K.

The proposal was really the scavenger hunt of a lifetime; a scavenger hunt literally halfway across Iowa with the best gift a girl could ask for at the end. It all started one snowy Saturday afternoon with a random phone call from the doctor my fiancé Scott and I work with, telling me that I ... [read more]

Josie L.

Saturday, November 15th was my birthday. Danny and I woke up and he made me pancakes as I prepared to meet with clients. I am a professional wedding photographer, and had been corresponding with a couple named MaryAnne Wu and William Yew for about a month trying to nail down a day to meet. The meeti ... [read more]

Jordan S.

In July 2008, we enjoyed a romantic holiday in France. I surprised Aviva with a marriage proposal in what turned out to be a well-crafted plan. Below, you can read Aviva's reaction to the proposal in an email she sent to friends and family: "Well, I just received probably the biggest surprise of my ... [read more]

Joellen B.

Sam and I have been dating for five years. On December 1, 2007 we were caught in some of the worst weather of the month. It was cold, snowy and very icy. He told me we had a work Christmas party to attend that evening, but when he came to my house to pick me up our plans changed. He said he wanted t ... [read more]

Jim C.

About a year and a half into our relationship, I was getting worried about how exactly to do the proposal. I was first planning on proposing while we were on a cruise for our two- year anniversary. As we started getting closer, my instincts told me that Kate would be expecting it during the cruise s ... [read more]

Jessica W.

My fiancé Brennen and I met in college. Our first date was basically a blind date, but it was the best and most anticipated date of my life! We had such a great time and didn't want the night to end. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship at the time, but before we knew it, we were ... [read more]

Jessica G.

The way Jordan and I got engaged is truly a New York story. I was at work the Friday before Labor Day weekend and was supposed to have a half-day off. I work in Manhattan doing public relations, so with my job, a half-day off doesn't mean much. Knowing this, Jordan made his way into the city to pick ... [read more]

Jessica G.

My fiancé Rob, and I have been together for five years, and he knows that Christmas is my favorite holiday. A few days before Christmas, I found a letter taped to my bathroom mirror, which was labeled, "Part 1: The Preparation." The letter explained that this was the first of several "parts" ... [read more]

Jennifer S.

Brett and I have been friends since 2001. We both went to the same college, although he had graduated long before I did. Over the years, many of our friends have gotten married, and through the many shared occasions, we remained friends. I ended up moving four blocks away from him, and after living ... [read more]

Jennifer N.

Our big plan on Christmas Eve was to go look at lights. Well, Rich came home and I was still in a frenzy getting things finished up and packing up bags of presents to bring to different houses. Rich sat me down and said, in his best Cary Grant, "Howsabout I take ya out for a nice steak dinner?" I re ... [read more]

Jennifer C.

It's hard to separate the relationship that David and I have from others; I want to believe that everyone's as happy as the two of us have been fortunate enough to be. He's constantly surprising me by doing things that I certainly have not come to expect of him, so I feel like I'll never get bored w ... [read more]

Jamylle J.

As an Instructional Technology teacher in a middle school, I assist my students with creating weekly video newscasts of school and community events. My then-boyfriend decided to take my passion for technology and use it in his proposal. Without my knowledge, he contacted my principal, co-workers and ... [read more]

Grace L.

I was invited to a friend's wedding, but their banquet hall was too small to invite both myself and my boyfriend. I was torn about attending the evening banquet because I wanted him there as well. My boyfriend comforted me and offered to plan a dinner if I decided not to go. We attended the ceremony ... [read more]

Gabriela C.

My fiancé and I love Alice in Wonderland. He said his sister-in-law was planning a kids' party with the theme, Alice in Wonderland. He knew I would love to dress up and help the kiddies have a great tea party. When the rest of my family heard, they all wanted to help and dress along too. On t ... [read more]

Elissa M.

Tim and I had planned a vacation to travel to California over the summer. Neither of us had ever been to California, so we thought we would get a little taste of some of the fun places California has to offer. We booked our vacation down to all of the minor details. We flew into San Diego and then m ... [read more]

Darren S.

I have been dating my girlfriend for the last three years, and we had known that we wanted to be together for much of that time. This year, I was preparing to graduate from college, and I had been wondering when to finally spring the question on her. My girlfriend had already graduated last year and ... [read more]

Clarissa S.

We moved to San Diego about two and a half years ago, and I still hadn't made it to Disneyland. We decided to play hooky from work on our five-year anniversary and spend the day being kids! Little did I know what my now-fiancé Joe had in mind! With less than three weeks until our trip to Disn ... [read more]

Christy K.

David planned his proposal so that I would have no idea, but he knew exactly what I would like! He made reservations at the California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort while we were on vacation at Disney World with his parents. This is where all of David's planning started to come in. As the re ... [read more]

Christina C.

Mike had planned what I thought was a spontaneous golf trip to Myrtle Beach for the two of us in February. He was due to leave that June for a year-long tour in Alaska, and with a busy couple of months coming up, he thought it would be nice for us to get away for a couple of days. It sounded perfect ... [read more]

Carolyn S.

It all started with a watering can. My boyfriend Mark and I had met at a Barnes & Noble in the fall of 2005 at a blind date set up by our good friends. We spent our entire first date hopping from store to store, looking for the perfect watering can for my beloved father's gravesite. After our date, ... [read more]

Carolyn C.

We planned this engagement to a T. And when I say "we, " I mean "we. " We had known a year ago that we wanted to get married in October of 2009, so we started planning. We decided to buy the ring together because I didn't feel like it was fair to put the financial burden on my graduate- student groo ... [read more]

Carly W.

My fiancé, Brady, arranged a night for me and my closest friends to have a small get together! My best friend called me up and said, "Hey, let's have a girl's night out!" So, we all went to dinner and watched movies. Well, one of Brady's friends showed up at my door late that night with a lett ... [read more]

Burgess L.

November 15th was a sunny day, but not too hot. I had plans to have brunch with the girls, pack for our trip tomorrow, buy presents, more packing, and play a little poker. A couple days ago, Burgess mentioned he wanted to check out the De Young Museum. He said that he had free tickets, making this e ... [read more]

Brooke R.

My fiancé and I met as freshmen in college. After graduation, we were faced with acceptances to graduate schools in different states. We decided that the two years apart would be best for our future in the long run, so I headed off to Texas, while he went to Alabama. The time apart had been v ... [read more]

Brice O.

Seeing as my fiancée Karen is a former Intelligence Officer, keeping the proposal planning from her was no simple task. I negotiated with the Cliff House in San Francisco to have a brunch party in a separate room overlooking the ocean. I chose a menu, contacted all my friends locally and sche ... [read more]

Bic C.

The way that Henry proposed to me was perfect! It was creative, thoughtful, and most importantly, a shocking surprise! One Saturday morning, Henry told me that he reserved an adventure tour for us. And being me, I was ecstatic despite the forecast of rain. We got our first clue at the hotel's front ... [read more]

Autumn P.

One afternoon, my boyfriend Drew asked me to go hiking at a state park about 45 minutes from home. I thought this to be strange since he normally works the typical five days a week. Drew told me that he would take care of the picnic and that I should not worry about it. Well, as a female, I did worr ... [read more]

Aubrey S.

"I feel like I'm in a movie!" That thought stayed in my head all day, especially as I arrived at Green Park in London, dressed in a long blue gown, searching for the final clue of my adventure with Buckingham Palace in view. This was the final stop in my day of surprises. It had all begun that morni ... [read more]

Ashley L.

My fiancé and I went on a cruise with Royal Caribbean last December. Every night, they had some form of entertainment including musicals, comedians and game shows. One night, we went to the game show "Love & Marriage" that the cruise staff put on in the large theater area that seated about 1, ... [read more]

Annette S.

On the night of January 23rd, I got a call from my boyfriend, Evan, telling me that he was going to take me on an outing tomorrow. His request, quite simply, was dress to impress. For months he was giving me subtle hints that he was going to propose but up until that point I was never sure when. I h ... [read more]

Anna L.

On January 19, 2008, the day before Mike and mine one year anniversary, Mike gave me a scrapbook of our first year together. He then told me that we would be going on scavenger hunt to places that represented our first year together and each place we went would correspond with a page in the scrapboo ... [read more]

Amy S.

In March, Matt and I went on a vacation with seven other friends to the British Virgin Islands aboard a Moorings catamaran cruise. We hopped from island to island and from beach to beach on our little catamaran. Every single day just got better! The water was fabulous and strolling through the sandy ... [read more]

Amanda M.

My boyfriend Brian's 30th birthday was coming up during a very busy time for me: I was just about to graduate with my Master's in Special Education. I was teaching through the whole summer and was beyond busy every day. His birthday fell on a Thursday, which was the same day that I had a project due ... [read more]

Alyssa M.

My fiancé had promised me that we would be engaged before my 25th birthday, and after five years together I thought that this was wonderful but I wasn't counting on it actually happening. On the Friday before my birthday he took me to a baseball game. My brother works for the baseball team s ... [read more]

Alana S.

My boyfriend Michael suggested a bike ride in the Santa Barbara area, a fun weekend trip we had done before. I thought we were going to stay at an inexpensive hotel like a Holiday Inn or something similar, so I packed my own shampoo, conditioner and even bath towels so I wouldn't have to use the sma ... [read more]
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