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Romantic Engagement Stories

Zoe M.

My fiancé, Tino, proposed to me in the most creative, clever, thoughtful, loving and surprising way. I had planned to go to the Georgia Museum of Art (GMA) to see an exhibit of exotic and artistic rings. My best friends, Milly and Alanna, had planned to accompany me. We got to the museum and b ... [read more]

Yvonne R.

It is an annual tradition for me and my fiancé to go on a trip for New Year's Eve. This year, Brion wouldn't give me any clues about where we were going beyond, "Pack warm clothing." I would randomly see my fiancé and my mother whispering to each other, but every time I asked what was ... [read more]

Xuan C.

My girlfriend and I spent our second anniversary on December 3rd, 2007 waiting in the cold for Serendipity 3 to open. The film was one of our favorite movies, so it was worth waiting in line for the first sip. We spent the day wandering around New York City taking pictures. As the daylight began to ... [read more]

Victoria S.

We had only been dating about three months when he popped the question. At this time we were already living together, a little too quick I must say, but we were still going strong. His mother had let us borrow this old yellow couch that had a pull out bed which was perfect for when guests came. Howe ... [read more]

Vicki G.

My boyfriend, Bob, took me to a very nice restaurant for Valentine's Day. While we were eating, he said to me, "I can't believe they don't have flowers on the tables for Valentine's." I told him not every place does stuff like that, and he said that he was going ask the waiter to bring a flower for ... [read more]

Tiffany C.

I got engaged on Christmas morning. I hadn't expected much because my boyfriend had been saying all that month that it wasn't going to be a big Christmas, and he was sorry. I was just glad we would be together. I woke up that morning to a million presents! Everything I even mentioned that I slightly ... [read more]

Teri L.

My engagement was the most surprising and beautiful thing. I was going out West for the first time ever on a business trip. Since I had always wanted to ski out there, I asked if I could go early. My fiancé and I arrived in Durango, Colorado on February 13, 2001. We just couldn't wait to hit ... [read more]

Tara P.

I am just an average girl from a small town in Western New York, but my proposal was anything but ordinary. After I graduated from college in Florida, I decided to backpack through Western Europe by myself for seven weeks - a goal I have always wanted to accomplish. Unbeknownst to me, during this ti ... [read more]

Tanaya S.

On May 24, 2008, Kamuzu took me on a date I will never forget. It began with lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Lauriol Plaza. As I reflect it was a beautiful day and our lunch was especially tasty. After lunch, I was under the impression we would catch a movie, but Kamuzu had other ideas. He ... [read more]

Stephanie C.

Brandon and I were having the most amazing trip to New York City. To top it off, Brandon took me to a dinner at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. It was so beautiful! We took a limo from the restaurant to The Empire State Building to see the lights of the city at night. As we were getting ready ... [read more]

Stefanie L.

My fiancé and I go on a big trip every year. In December 2008 we went to Peru. We hiked the Inca Trail that leads to Machu Picchu. It's a four day trek, 26 miles, up and down the Andes Mountains. It's no walk in the park, more like the clouds! We both suffered from altitude sickness on and of ... [read more]

Stefanie K.

The day before my birthday, my boyfriend Jim made me my favorite dinner, spaghetti, and brought me roses and candles. Now, Jim is not the most romantic type, so it was very special to me that he put thought into this. During dinner, Jim didn't eat very much. I kept asking him what was wrong, but he ... [read more]

Stacy C.

On Christmas Eve, Tyler wanted to take me to the park for a picnic. We have done this a few times when I had a day off work. It is a special place for us! While we were eating, he told me that he bought me a present and that it needed to be plugged in. When he said present, my mind went directly to ... [read more]

Stacie H.

I work for a jewelry company, so I see beautiful diamonds on a daily basis. One day, I noticed my dream ring at an amazing price. Now, I'm not the type of girl who has always dreamed of a 2 carat ring; I like simple things and knew I would be happy with whatever my future fiancé were to pick ... [read more]

Staci G.

My fiancé, Gabe, is a country boy, and I'm a city girl. He has opened up my eyes to a more relaxed lifestyle, a view of men who know how to work hard and love their families more than anything, and how to enjoy country nights filled with stars. We met in 2006 at the University of Florida whil ... [read more]

Sonbol S.

I arrived at Gregory's apartment for a Valentine's Day dinner to find a trail of Hershey's kisses from the front door. I was told to put my things down and follow the trail. The trail continued into his bathroom, which was full of candles leading all the way to the shower. From the showerhead, he ha ... [read more]

Skye M.

As I was completing my residency, my soon-to-be fiancé asked me what my dream vacation would be. I told him a vacation to Italy, complete with wine tasting through Tuscany, was my vision. After two weeks of traveling through Italy, we came to Tuscany. Joshua surprised me with a suite in a med ... [read more]

Shannon H.

Derek and I had been together for six and a half years at the time, and we talked daily about getting engaged and married. In January, we decided to go to a jewelry store and try on some rings. I tried on a beautiful one that I fell in love with. Two months later, Derek and I made plans to go see th ... [read more]

Sarah W.

One day in August, I was on my way home from work when my boyfriend texted me numerous times and asked me to call him. When I finally had the chance to give him a call, he told me that his friend's wife had to miss a massage appointment at the Clairemont and was hoping that I could take it. I believ ... [read more]

Sarah M.

The moment that I laid eyes on Matt, I knew that he would be a significant part of my life. I was the client and he was my Project Manager. After toying around at work for quite a few months, we finally decided to go on a date. It was quintessentially "the date to end all dates." Attached at the hip ... [read more]

Sarah B.

My boyfriend and I had talked about marriage and decided it was the next step for our relationship. He wanted to ask my parents for their blessing before proposing. We also talked about a ring. I am easygoing and could have cared less about the ring I got, but he insisted it was important to find so ... [read more]

Sara P.

The saying "love at first sight " is something we thought could only happen on TV or in romance novels. However, Chris and I are now true believers. Chris and I met through a mutual friend and have not stopped falling in love since! Although our taste in movies may not be the same, we share many qua ... [read more]

Sara B.

One Christmas, my parents bought my boyfriend and I plane tickets to fly to MA to spend all of Christmas week with them. After being away from my family for so long, going home was one of the most amazing feelings ever. On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend Ryan handed me my Christmas card. He walked down ... [read more]

Ruby H.

Our story began with a much-needed and well-deserved trip over Memorial Day of 2008. We rented a cabin in the woods and a boat to go fishing in. The weather was fine during the day, but at night there were thunderstorms and even tornado watches. The first night we were there, it was raining and Mike ... [read more]

Rebecca R.

She Said: Matthew had made romantic plans for us to spend Valentine's Day together. He said that it would be a nice break from school and a chance to relax together in a romantic setting. The night before we went to Atlanta, I had a genius moment and accidentally super glued my fingers together whil ... [read more]

Rasheeta C.

It all began on December 28, when my fiancé's family and I were preparing for a "Hypnotic Night of Soulful Music." This show was the second annual show that we had put together for family and friends. It was a very elegant setting with the lights beaming low and glistening sparkles bouncing a ... [read more]

Paige G.

Jared and I have been together for almost three-and-a half-years, and this past Valentine's Day was the fourth one that we had celebrated together. He decided that it was time to make up for the past three Valentine's Days that he had severely messed up. Don't get me wrong, I don't need all the bell ... [read more]

Omar K.

I was initially planning to propose on the fall equinox since fall is our favorite season in New England. I had the ring and was all set to go, but a week beforehand, I realized that Kristen would be working that night. So, I decided to improvise a few days early. I asked Kristen to go for a drive w ... [read more]

Nikki C.

My fiancé and I got engaged in Las Vegas! He told me he was taking me on a surprise trip for Valentine's Day. When we got there, I was happy to discover that we were staying at the Bellagio. He told me to be ready by 5:30 for dinner reservations at Circo. When we were headed downstairs he ask ... [read more]

Nicolette B.

In June of 2006, I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24. The thought of dating during this very difficult time was something that I could not even comprehend. However, In September I met Eric. Eric has been there every step of the way. He has come with me to doctor's appointments and celebrate ... [read more]

Nicole B.

On the day of my engagement, my soon-to-be fiancé woke me up and told me he had the day planned out for us. I got ready in the morning and we left the house. He had already packed an overnight bag for me because I had no idea that we would be staying somewhere. We drove up to South Lake Tahoe ... [read more]

Naomi G.

My fiancé and I met one late night at the dog park in San Francisco. My dog Blu was my absolute best friend and sidekick for eleven years. Blu took to George very well, and his dog Yogi adored me. Soon we were a happy family. When Blu passed away from cancer it was total devastation. I had al ... [read more]

Monique M.

I truly believe that my fiancé, LeMar Shorts, is a gift from God. On December 18th, 2008, two months and a day after the death of my father, LeMar did something that was totally unexpected and would change my life as I knew it. LeMar wrote me a letter and placed in the refrigerator. It read: ... [read more]

Misty S.

In the summer of 2008, I got the surprise of my life. My boyfriend of five years, Corey, told me that we would take a weekend vacation in Dallas. We work really hard, and a vacation is what we needed. On the day we were to depart, Corey handed me my boarding pass on the way to the airport and told m ... [read more]

Misty M.

Mother's day just happened to fall on our five year anniversary. So, we had just planned on spending time with our mothers on this particular day. My boyfriend, Paul, had told me that we were going to go look for a landscaping rock for his mom. He said the rock was down by the creek, behind his mom' ... [read more]

Michelle G.

Since Rob and I started dating almost four years ago, I have always begged him to take me on a romantic ice skating date. We live in New York City, so there have always been plenty of options for making this date a reality; Central Park, Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park all have outdoor rinks open ... [read more]

Melissa S.

My fiancé took me to NYC in December to celebrate my birthday. It was like something out of a fairy tale! We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in a beautiful suite! On the morning after we arrived, the first snow of the winter began to fall. It was so beautiful. On the evening of my birthda ... [read more]

Melissa M.

The day after our three year anniversary, my boyfriend and I decided to go out to celebrate. After I got out of class, I went home and got ready to go to dinner. My boyfriend Luis and I both got dressed, but his brother, who was supposed to come, didn't call like he had promised. So, Luis said we sh ... [read more]

Megan W.

When I left my family and friends to live in rural Paraguay and serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer for two years, I never imagined that I would meet the love of my life. But there he was after the Paraguay vs. Brazil soccer game. We instantly sparked as two blond Americans in a crowd of Latin American ... [read more]

Megan H.

I have been dating Ben, a helicopter pilot in the United States Navy, for three years. He is currently stationed in Atsugi, Japan and has been there for a year now. In fact, he moved to Japan on Valentine's Day 2008. I live in Des Moines, Iowa, so it has been an adjustment. I was able to visit my ... [read more]

Meagan J.

It all started last July when my fiancé BJ won a seven-day cruise in the Caribbean. One of the ports of call was St. Thomas, an island I have always wanted to visit because it is home to Magens Bay. My parents had honeymooned in St. Thomas and my Mom, accustomed to the concrete and high rise ... [read more]

Matt N.

It was a gorgeously snowy Saturday, and we had a whole day planned out. It started off with brunch at Rose Water, one of our favorite brunch places in Brooklyn, and one of the places where we had eaten when we first started dating. Afterward, we walked around for a bit and decided to head over to th ... [read more]

Marissa N.

Collin and I had our first kiss on a date that ended in Centennial Olympic Park. It was romantic and beautiful, and for some reason, there actually were fireworks in the city that evening! Recently, my best friend Caralee and I were chatting in between classes at GSU, and she asked if Collin and I w ... [read more]

Maria B.

My fiancé, Paul, is in the United States Navy. I live in Florida, and he is currently stationed in Great Lakes, Illinois. He is training to become a Navy SEAL. He had left for boot camp on Sept 23rd, 2008, and it had been months that we hadn't seen each other. He was lucky enough to get his le ... [read more]

Mandy L.

My fiancé Jake warned me that Idaho is very unpredictable during the winter. Nevertheless, I insisted that we leave California and fly to Idaho to visit his family for Christmas break. Upon arriving, we found that we had been snowed out of the house. Jake waded through snow to uncover the sno ... [read more]

Mandi C.

It was a foggy, dreary and rainy Sunday in December. We were both suffering from severe cases of cabin fever. We spent most of the day doing various chores around the house, which ultimately ended up in a bout of playful harassment and a fierce game of Wii Mario Cart. It was early evening and I'd ju ... [read more]

Madeleine R.

After three and a half years of long distance struggles, torn between the love we felt in our hearts and the lives we were leading in Indiana and New York, fate finally brought us together in the big city. With a dramatic road leading to the big day, Joel, my fiancé, knew he wanted to make our ... [read more]

Mackenzie B.

This past September, my fiancé Rob and I became engaged in the tiny town of Ferchia, Italy. Despite the insanely romantic location, my lifelong dreams of being swept off my feet in Italy and the fact that we had been talking about marriage for a while, I still had been completely surprised wh ... [read more]

Lisa M.

We had been dating for six months and both knew that we were destined for each other. I lived about one hour away from him, in a city that has a beautiful downtown. We would often just walk and talk there. One night we walked through some hedges, only to find a gorgeous church courtyard with amazing ... [read more]

Lindsay G.

My boyfriend Kevin called me at work and asked me to meet him downtown to celebrate! I assumed we were celebrating the result of some interviews he had done earlier that day. I met him, and we walked over to the National Gallery of Art, which has a sculpture garden and ice skating rink with twinkle ... [read more]

LeeAnne S.

Kristopher and I had been dating for nearly two and a half years before he surprised me with the ultimate question. On January 20, 2009, Kris and I were on a vacation with his parents in Puerto Vallarta. One night after watching the sunset and walking on the beach we decided to get a bite to eat at ... [read more]

Leanne T.

Dustin had told me not to make any plans for one weekend in March, but wouldn't tell me why! I was dying to know what we were doing, but he just wouldn't give me any hints. About a week before "the weekend," he gave me a long code of numbers and letters and told me that it was my clue. I attempted t ... [read more]

Leahanna H.

The engagement was as perfect as it could have been - the sand between our toes and the ocean waves climbing up to the shore. It was an image of sincerity and unconditional love, to both of us. Standing in the most beautiful place in the world, love captured us and took us away together. He popped ... [read more]

Leah M.

One cool evening, my then-boyfriend woke me up in the middle of the night. He told me to get dressed, and that I would need to dress warmly for the trip we would be taking. Half asleep, I got myself ready and waited for the next installment in the evening. He blindfolded me and led me to his vehicle ... [read more]

Lauren S.

My fiancé Byram told me that we were going to a birthday dinner for his cousin at the Lowes Coronado Bay Resort. Once we arrived at the hotel, we walked into the room, which was a beautiful bungalow on the ocean. The door was cracked open and before we stepped inside, Byram grabbed my hand, l ... [read more]

Lauren K.

My fiancé and I have been high school sweethearts since the ninth grade. We had been together for over seven and a half years when he decided that, after his graduation from his Master's program from Notre Dame, we should take a celebratory trip to Puerto Rico. It was a very hot trip in Augus ... [read more]

Laura P.

Nicholas and I were on vacation in Europe last September visiting his family in Denmark, spending a few days in Venice, Italy, a day in Athens, Greece, then visiting my best friend who was stationed in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria during her time in the Peace Corps. After celebrating my birthday with Nicho ... [read more]

Laura N.

Adam and I had been dating for a little over three and a half years. In September 2008, we were planning a vacation to Ireland with his family. Had you asked me a few months before the trip, I would've told you that I wouldn't have been surprised if Adam was planning to propose during the trip - I' ... [read more]

Kyle H.

My parents invited my beautiful fiancé, Whitney, and me down to Rockport, Texas where they own a condo. We couldn't pass up an opportunity to escape the cold month of January in Illinois, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask Whitney to be my wife in such a beautiful place. I had this ... [read more]

Kristina B.

My fiancé and I met in college and had been dating for about six years. He proposed to me at Barnegate Lighthouse. My parents have a house there, and we've been going there every summer; it is a very special place for us. The day he proposed was like any other weekend. We had recently purchas ... [read more]

Kristin P.

Our five year anniversary was on January 7th, but we didn't have any plans to celebrate that evening because Don had his bowling league on Wednesdays. So, we decided to save the celebration for Saturday the 10th with dinner reservations at CityZen. I had heard so much about the place and really want ... [read more]

Kristen W.

My boyfriend and I had been dating for almost six years and had talked about getting married next summer, but I often wondered if my fiancé knew I needed an official proposal before I started to plan! He had always talked about buying a boat, either a fishing boat or a speed boat. He even sug ... [read more]

Krissa O.

His name is Edrick, and I have been in love with him for almost a decade. He is the man I dreamed of before I knew this kind of love was possible, and on October 21st at 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon, he told me what he wished for every time he saw a falling star, found a penny or blew out a birthday ... [read more]

Kimberly M.

My fiancé, Chris, is in the Navy and was home on leave for a few weeks. Chris sprung a surprise visit to my dad to ask for my hand in marriage. My dad of course said yes! The stage was set. Chris picked out my ring, and was ready to set into action the engagement he'd planned since he'd been i ... [read more]

Kim E.

For New Year's Eve 2009, Jason told me he was planning a surprise for our night together. He told me he would be wearing a suit, so I wore my long black dress. Jason told me there would be three components to the evening. The first came quickly; we went to a wonderful Italian Restaurant that he had ... [read more]

Kelly N.

At the time, my boyfriend and I had been dating for six years. Travis and I were serious, but he never really seemed as if he cared to get married right then. I had dropped the occasional hint, but he acted as if he wanted nothing to do with it. So, June came around and Travis traveled out of town f ... [read more]

Kelly K.

I met my fiancé Drew in college, where he introduced me to the band Blue October. Since then, the band and their music have been inspiration for us in many ways. Our favorite song, "18th Floor Balcony, " personifies our relationship because it describes the openness and comfort we feel when w ... [read more]

Katya B.

Ryan and I first met at a mutual friend's housewarming party in 2006, but it wasn't until the second time that we met that things fell into place. Six months or so later, we ran into each other during a night out in Denver. This time when we talked, we connected and had our first date within a week. ... [read more]

Katie P.

Autumn is my favorite season. Every year on the last Sunday in October, Jason and I celebrate the anniversary of our first date. We meet in a riverside park in Columbus and carve pumpkins. This year, on our two-year anniversary, we met at the same park as always. We hollowed out our pumpkins at home ... [read more]

Katie M.

My fiancé wanted me to think that it was just an average Saturday, so we started the day by going to the mall and exchanging some Christmas gifts. Then he brought me to Ciao Bella in Edina for a delicious lunch. The interior of Ciao Bella is beautiful and created a romantic setting for our lu ... [read more]

Kathryn S.

Over Labor Day Weekend in 2008, my fiancé, Eric, and I traveled to Laguna Beach to stay with our good friends who live there. We had previously been to Laguna for their wedding at the Surf and Sand Hotel several years prior. The Surf and Sand is an absolutely gorgeous hotel set right on the be ... [read more]

Kathryn H.

My fiancé planned a trip for us to San Francisco for New Years. We both have not been there since we were kids, and we are planning to move there together in the future. He surprised me the first night, New Year's Eve, with a dinner cruise around the bay. It was incredibly romantic. After th ... [read more]

Kathryn B.

On Christmas morning, my boyfriend Jim and I flew to New York to meet up with his family. We had a lovely Christmas and during dinner, it was suggested that we go to New York City. I was thrilled because a year and a half before, we had gone to NYC to spend an amazing weekend walking around, falling ... [read more]

Katherine L.

John and I met in college and had been dating for over four years when I was selected to spend the summer in France to perform with an opera company. We had never been apart for more than a week, so this was going to be a challenge for the both of us. I would be singing in France for seven weeks and ... [read more]

Katherine G.

Chris and I had been together for quite a while before we became engaged. We had recently welcomed our second child into the world this past January. We always knew we wanted to be married one day, but we have a tendency to do things backwards. I was so thrilled that Chris still took the time to mak ... [read more]

Kate R.

My boyfriend and I always spend New Year's Eve together at a ski resort in Montana, so I was a bit confused when he suggested that we spend the holiday in Vermont with his family. He had just been working in Alaska for three months, so I figured he wanted to spend some time with his family and agree ... [read more]

Karissa L.

My fiancé and I first met six years ago by chance in Florida, when we were both passing through the state. I am from New Mexico while he is from England, and he was on his way to Costa Rica for a surf trip. My fiancé started a small business in the Canary Islands where we live today. L ... [read more]

Karisa R.

The marriage proposal was a big surprise and required a bit of planning on Travis' part. Travis' parents and his brother came to visit him for the first time in California. A couple of weeks before, Travis had asked my dad for my hand in marriage, and he happily approved. Travis and my dad didn't da ... [read more]

Karen S.

My fiancé and I met across a crowded room, which was the perfect meeting in regards to the theatre. I was attending a local community theatre show to support some of my friends. During the play, I continually watched this man and thought that he looked familiar. Yet, when I read his bio in th ... [read more]

JulieAnn C.

After work on August 15th, 2008, Robert picked me up and said we were having a night away! We drove forty-five minutes to Huntington Beach and he surprised me by booking a room at the Hyatt! The first room we walked into smelt like smoke, so we went back downstairs and they upgraded our room to an o ... [read more]

Julia S.

Andrew and I met in college, where we lived in the same small dorm as freshman. We endured our friends' teasing for almost a year before we finally admitted that we had feelings for one another and started dating. After graduation, I pursued volunteer work in Kentucky, about 1000 miles from both hom ... [read more]

Jordan A.

I have to begin by saying that my proposal was like something out of a fairy tale book. Mark planned an entire trip to Germany and I had no idea what was in store. On the third day in Berlin, he told me that we were going to fly to Munich, then drive to Fusson, a small town in Bavaria the next day. ... [read more]

John L.

Each year for the past four years, my fiancé and I have spent our summer vacation at the family cottages in Maine. My fiancée has been going there with her family for her whole life. Ever since we met, she has called Maine her favorite place in the world. When she brought me there for ... [read more]

Jillian C.

It was a random October day and we had both been very busy between work and school, and our duties with the volunteer fire department. We hadn't really gotten the chance to have a nice day with each other in a while, so on the morning of October 26, 2007 my fiancé, Kevin, asked me if I would l ... [read more]

Jessica N.

After working the graveyard shift at work, I got off at 6:30 am. When I went to my car, I found a red rose with a letter rolled and tied with a ribbon. The letter said that I needed to call my boyfriend James as soon as I read it. When I got home, I realized that he was not there. I walked into the ... [read more]

Jessica J.

Ever since Brock and I started dating, he has been all about finding unique ways to get to know each other. One way is our "question book, " a book full of "what-if " type questions that we have been carrying with us wherever we go. Whenever waiting at restaurants or in lines or even just sitting in ... [read more]

Jessica H.

His Side: On the day of the proposal, I was so nervous. I couldn't think of anything that really expressed what I felt. So, during the eight hours while I was a work, I was confused on what I was going to proclaim. But the time came when I had to leave work and I rushed through traffic. I pulled int ... [read more]

Jenny S.

Greg and I had met working at an outdoor gear store, where most of the employees are outdoor enthusiasts as well. We both loved to hike, bike and do anything snow-related. The winter of the first year we started dating, we decided to go up to Lake Tahoe and spend a few days snowshoeing and snowboard ... [read more]

Jennifer S.

Danny and I had exchanged cars for the day because he was on a mission to kill a gigantic spider that was hiding in my card! That afternoon, Danny brought me lunch to celebrate the spider's death! While eating, Danny talked about how we might spend our last day of 2008 together (I was heading to Hou ... [read more]

Jennifer S.

This is probably not the most remarkable engagement story, but I thought that it was sweet and simple, and that it is the kind of story I find the most romantic. I never thought of myself as being married. I have never made a single wedding plan in my life, and I really have no idea where to begin. ... [read more]

Jennifer H.

My proposal was by far the most romantic day of my life. On November 24th, I woke up late for work and was frantically get ready. Amidst this rush, my boyfriend, Matt, told me that I did not have to go. I asked, "What do you mean I don't have to go?" He responded, "I took care of it, you're off." It ... [read more]

Jennifer F.

Getting engaged on the top of a volcano at sunrise sounds like the most romantic engagement story you could imagine! However, I learned that sometimes things do not go according to the groom's plans! When my future husband suggested that we venture up to Mount Haleakala to watch the sunrise during ... [read more]

Jennie I.

I met Rich seven and a half years ago while working with him at the Ben & Jerry's scoop shop in Natick, Massachusetts. We were both home on summer break from college, and our mutual love for ice cream made us instant friends. As that summer came to an end, we realized that our friendship was turning ... [read more]

Jenna P.

We hardly ever leave the house, but my fiancé and I had planned a long weekend in San Francisco with some friends as an excuse to get away! When the day finally came to depart on our journey, the girlfriend of one of our friends had acquired a terrible cold, and after the first flight to our ... [read more]

Jamie Lynn P.

For my 25th birthday, my boyfriend, Jay, surprised me by taking me to Iceland. It has been my lifelong wish to see the Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights), and Iceland in January was supposed to be sensational. Upon arrival in Iceland, all my expectations were met! The first couple ... [read more]

Jaime P.

My fairy tale began almost four years ago when I met Bryan in high school. I never paid much attention to Bryan, until the day he sat next to me in a class, our last semester of high school. Bryan and I had planned on going to the Senior Prom together, but I had my heart broken shortly after his cur ... [read more]

Indea C.

My fiancé and I have a very unique story. We first met at a junior high school dance. We both went to separate junior high schools in the same town - they were actually rival schools. Our schools had a combined dance one night and that's when Chase noticed me. We were in seventh grade, so of ... [read more]

Heather C.

Our engagement story begins with a surprise getaway weekend. Scott and I stopped at a beautiful restaurant in the wine country as we headed to our final destination of the redwoods of Northern California where I had camped with my family my entire life. This has been a tradition that has been in my ... [read more]

Hanna V.

Joey and I met in Chicago when I was there working as a nanny. He was up there working, selling security systems. We met at a bar - it was pure luck and maybe a little bit of faith. Joey didn't even want to go out that evening, but his friends dragged him along. I didn't really want to go out either ... [read more]

Hailey T.

My boyfriend and I knew soon after dating that we had found the loves of our lives. We had talked about marriage for over a year and had even looked at rings twice. But, there had still been no popping of the question. I knew it was going to happen, but I wasn't sure when. It turned out to be on Chr ... [read more]

Gulcin O.

After my boyfriend got off work, we took an evening walk around a nearby lake. He asked me if I ever made a wish and thrown a penny in the water. I told him that I've never done that before, so he suggested that we try it. We walked to a little fishing dock that extended into the lake. He stood at ... [read more]

Gulcin O.

After my boyfriend got off work, we took an evening walk around a nearby lake. He asked me if I ever made a wish and thrown a penny in the water. I told him that I've never done that before, so he suggested that we try it. We walked to a little fishing dock that extended into the lake. He stood at ... [read more]

Grace B.

Tobias and I met nine years ago. My heart was broken after breaking up with my first boyfriend and I became good friends with Tobias's brother, Erick. Erick and I hung out every day, but he never mentioned his brother to me, which was fine because I couldn't imagine falling in love again. One day, I ... [read more]

Gloria C.

One Monday in January, my fiancé Tommy texted me to say that he would have dinner ready for me when I got home. Tommy had been on vacation for an entire week before he started his new job in Long Beach, so I didn't think anything of it. When I got home, Tommy opened the door for me, all dress ... [read more]

Farran N.

It was a year to the date that an old college friend and I had reconnected when he asked for my hand in marriage. We had dinner on a Tuesday night down at the National Harbor in Maryland, which he tried to play off as "just because. " We walked out onto the pier as the sun was setting and found a sp ... [read more]

Erin N.

My boyfriend and I were planning to leave on a cruise in two days when he asked me to go to dinner at a fancy Japanese place. The tables were cramped and there was a big party in the backroom that was so loud that we couldn't hear each other. On the way back to my apartment, he asked if I wanted to ... [read more]

Erika S.

When my boyfriend won a trip to Orlando, he suggested that we go the weekend of the Disney Marathon so that we could run it together. Little did I know that he had other, bigger, plans for that weekend! The week before we left, he arranged for my friends to take me out for the night so that he could ... [read more]

Erica B.

My fiancé Jason took me out to dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant one day in November. The date was not special to us at all; it was just another Friday night. We had horrible service the entire night, and the dinner lasted for over two and a half hours. Jason went to the bathroom severa ... [read more]

Eric L.

I picked up my fiancée Chelsea from her house, and we went to Rose Marie's, an intimate Italian restaurant, for a 5:00 pm dinner reservation in Bloomsburg. We each had bow-tie pasta with shrimp, lobster and scallops topped with an orange wine sauce. It was delicious. After dinner, we left and ... [read more]

Emily V.

My boyfriend and I planned a trip to Disney to ring in the New Year; there is nothing I love more than Disney fireworks. But when we got to Disney, it was closed, which was really depressing. I wanted to spend my first New Year's with my boyfriend in Disney and kiss him under the castle at midnight. ... [read more]

Emily B.

A few years ago, Sam and I were at an outdoor bistro on a gorgeous Seattle summer day, grabbing a few drinks and enjoying the day. The table tops were made of chalkboards, and we were playing hangman. When it came time for me to choose a secret word for him to guess, I drew out the spaces for "girlf ... [read more]

Emilia K.

In all fairness, our "official" proposal story has yet to happen. This is a story about two people with so much love, devotion and respect for each other that the proposal became just as important as the actual vows they longed to say. A proposal became something they wished to share as equals and a ... [read more]

Eliana N.

My fiancé and I have been engaged "verbally" for two years, however we did not want to set a date until it became official with the ring. On Valentine's Day 2009 he drove me into the city. We were stuck in traffic on the Manhattan Bridge and he gave me my Valentine's Day gift - a beautiful wa ... [read more]

Diana F.

The date was Friday, January 16th, 2009. The time was 3:30am and my boyfriend, Anthony, and I were frantically running around trying to pack for a long weekend in Phoenix, AZ. We were running late and afraid we were going to miss our flight out of Philadelphia. I was particularly stressed because we ... [read more]

Dawn B.

I had been dating Brad for five and a half years before he proposed to me. It was a long story in the making, with an ending that no one predicted. For quite awhile I had been dropping hints to him that I was ready for the next step, and I was trying to figure where he was at. I worked at Martin & M ... [read more]

Danielle T.

My fiancé Tony and I met on the Carnival Victory Cruise Ship in 2006. He was working as an Entertainment Technician and met me at the disco club one night. He was from London and was headed home in a few weeks to start a new job. After our initial meeting, life was a roller coaster of visits ... [read more]

Danielle C.

In June of 2008, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a mini vacation. At the time, we were not planning on going overboard; we just wanted a nice little getaway. We decided to go north and take a cruise up to Nova Scotia. We set the date for early July, when the scenery would be the most beautiful. ... [read more]

Danielle C.

Several years ago, Josh and I discovered some amazing hiking trails and waterfalls in the Upstate of South Carolina. Josh took me to a bed and breakfast while I was home for a break from school. We drove through the mountains and stumbled upon "Pretty Place," also known as Symmes Chapel, which is lo ... [read more]

Cynthia S.

It was the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and my boyfriend had made reservations for a tennis court. Aside from the fact that he had done this without my reminding him to, it was just our regular Sunday routine. It happened to be a foggy and chilly day, so I sat on the couch and whined about how I wasn ... [read more]

Crystal J.

It was just another normal morning for me. Rudy had already left for school, and I was eager to set up a great Valentine's Day for him. I had already planned out everything I was going to do. The only thing was that Rudy had already beat me to the punch on Valentine surprises! I went to brush my tee ... [read more]

Courtney P.

After almost seven years of dating, my fiancé proposed at the top of Bear Mountain in Killington, VT on Saturday, February 7th around 7:45AM. The proposal couldn't have been more perfect for avid skiers like the two of us. My fiancé's dad, Ray, had left Chris, my fiancé, a messag ... [read more]

Courtenay W.

I started a new job late last year. I found out that during the first two weeks of December that I would have to be in New Jersey for training. Two weeks away from Chad and my dog would be hard. This was also the ideal time to put up Christmas decorations, so needless to say, I was quite bummed. I l ... [read more]

Cortney S.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half. We have talked about getting married for about the last year, so I was not sure I was going to get a proposal at all. Every holiday or date we would go on, I would secretly wonder if this would be the day he would propose to me. All the holi ... [read more]

Colleen S.

My fiancé Jarret knows that I've never liked public proposals. While some would love to be asked in front of people in a restaurant, I have always thought it would be better if it was just the two of us. A few weeks before Christmas, we had put up our tree. I was disappointed that we didn't h ... [read more]

Colleen S.

Brad and I had been dating for a few years, and I knew he was the one. We had talked sporadically about getting engaged, but we had no definite timeline in place. Brad had just finished his first year in law school and had decided to go to London and Paris for the summer to study International Law. ... [read more]

Clare B.

My boyfriend James and I had been together for five years and engagement fever was really in the air. Every time we went away for the weekend, to dinner or had an anniversary, everyone would get excited because they thought he would propose. I knew that this wouldn't happen because James would want ... [read more]

Christina R.

Peter proposed to me on the corner in San Francisco where we originally met. Two years ago, his dog, Bob, ran up to me on wintery evening and began to sniff me while I awaited friends. I turned around to see what was going on and low and behold this werewolf-looking dog was just standing there, wag ... [read more]

Carly D.

Clayton and I met during our college welcome week at UC San Diego! His roommate, Tim, and my suitemate, Kristel, were family friends and wanted to meet up since they hadn't seen each other in a while. I tagged along with Kristel, as Clayton and one of his suitemates did with Tim. We met at the Earl ... [read more]

Cara F.

It was the eve of my 23rd birthday. We had decided to spend the weekend in the northern wilderness of Michigan, where I had spent my childhood. We were doing what we both loved, hunting, together as a couple. Of course, we ventured out early into the woods to enjoy the peace of the wild nature. Howe ... [read more]

Caitlin D.

My fiancé and I are both captains in the Army. I had been gone eight months when I got my mid-tour leave. I was going to be home over Christmas and couldn't wait to see my boyfriend Shane and my family. A few weeks before I left to come home, Shane sent me a box with some small Christmas gift ... [read more]

Brooke M.

My boyfriend and I were on a trip to Newport, Oregon, where we went to the local aquarium to look around. We were some of the first people there, and shortly after arriving we ran into an employee. She asked us if we wanted to view a feeding of the fish, and then led us into the underwater viewing a ... [read more]

Brittany W.

My boyfriend took me on a six-day trip to Paris to celebrate my birthday and Christmas. The day he proposed, we went on a three-hour dinner boat tour on the Seine River. We got to see the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre museum and many other well-known buildings. When the tour ... [read more]

Brittany B.

My fiancé proposed to me this past December. I thought we were driving to Tennessee to see his Dad. We ended up at the airport. He told me he had to pick something up that the airline had lost, so I didn't think much of it because he travels a lot for work. When we got to the check-in counter ... [read more]

Britney S.

While I was waiting on my boyfriend JR to come back home, he came back with a flower and told me the first flower was for the first year we had been together. Two hours later, our son came out with the second rose, and then he told me the second rose was for bringing our son into his life and for th ... [read more]

Auriella D.

July 3rd is my birthday, so my fiancé and I decided to visit my dad in San Diego. I had a small idea that I might be getting proposed to, but my birthday came and went with no ring. In fact, I didn't even get any presents because my fiancé accidentally bought the wrong thing. I was dev ... [read more]

Ashton F.

I had been with my fiancé for almost five years when I encountered some medical hardship. He stuck by me through my darkest hours and continuously surprised me with his kindness, love and support. I started to make my recovery in late December and by early January, I felt like I could start r ... [read more]

Ashley W.

Considering my fiancé Peter and I have dated since high school, there have been few surprises in our relationship. However, he was determined to give me a surprise proposal. The night before Thanksgiving last year, we had a great dinner at this place we had always wanted to try. Peter then su ... [read more]

Ashley P.

For my birthday weekend, my boyfriend Mike and I headed from DC to Richmond. While driving, Mike handed me a card which said, "I hope this is a start to a wonderful weekend with you. I love you. " I thought it was sweet but didn't consider it to be a prelude to anything. During our car ride, Mike ex ... [read more]

Ashley H.

In February 2008, a group of us planned a trip to Ireland for winter break. This group consisted of my mom, my boyfriend, and five of Mom's closest friends. We called the trip: "A Taste of Ireland." Our tour included: a Dublin city tour, a visit to Skellig Rocks, a Merry Ploughboy Pub dinner, a Blar ... [read more]

Ashley H.

Mason and I have been dating for four years. For two of those years, we were in a long distance relationship, as we were in different graduate programs. We both were trying to quickly graduate, so we could finally live together in the same town. During Christmas break, he planned a weekend trip for ... [read more]

Ashley B.

Adam and I met on a study abroad program called "Semester at Sea" when we were both juniors in college. We traveled around that world on a ship, stopping in 10 different countries. Adam likes to say we met in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We quickly became best friends and explored almost every ... [read more]

April S.

After nearly six months apart as my boyfriend, Tim, studied abroad in England, I planned a transatlantic trip to spend some much needed time together. I was bursting at the seams just thinking about being in his arms again! The months leading up to my departure were a flurry of excitement and planni ... [read more]

Anne S.

Out of the kindness and generosity of his heart, my fiancé, Eric, decided to treat both of us to an eight day vacation to Alaska during the second week of June 2008. We flew into Anchorage, and on the second day of our trip we drove our rental car to Denali National Park, which was also where ... [read more]

Anna K.

It seemed like a random Thursday night when Josh announced that we would go on a surprise vacation the very next day. Excited but stunned, I packed my bag for one week with light spring clothes for an "urban environment " because that was all that he would reveal. After a night of anticipation and l ... [read more]

Anibel C.

My fiancé had never met my family so we decided to go to the Dominican Republic for two weeks during the holidays so he could meet everyone. He was a bit intimidated at first because he had never traveled outside of the US and would be surrounded by people who only spoke Spanish. He was so de ... [read more]

Ana S.

My relationship with Blake started in 2006 as we were finishing our last term at the University of Georgia. We both worked at a local restaurant in Athens (I was the hostess and Blake worked the to-go counter). Despite working in the same restaurant, Blake and I had very little contact. On one of B ... [read more]

Amy O.

My fiancé and I met when I moved to Ireland on a four month work permit after I graduated from college in January 2005. He was from Ireland and we met the first week that I moved there. We became interested in each other very quickly. After the four months were over in May, I had to go back ... [read more]

Amy L.

On Thursday, June 26th, I flew out to California to visit my boyfriend Danny for the weekend. When he picked me up from the airport, he asked what I wanted to do for the evening. I didn't care. All I cared about was that I was with him after our long separation. He told me that we could go over to h ... [read more]

Ami O.

Ting and I had known we were meant to be together the day we met during our freshman orientation at college. However, it was a long time before either of us admitted it. We met by chance during the scheduled events, and we spent the whole day together and stayed up all night talking. The summer befo ... [read more]

Amber N.

I must say that I am the luckiest woman in the world to have such a wonderful man! The way he proposed was absolutely amazing and I will never forget it. I was in Dallas with my family from December 23rd to the 27th. Ryan and I were heading to Vermont to go skiing from the 27th to the 31st. We had ... [read more]

Amanda M.

In February, my boyfriend Frank gave me a "gag " gift for Valentine's Day. It was a box of chocolates, but inside this box of chocolates was what I had been wanting for 13 years: a sparkly three-stone diamond ring that he had designed himself. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He de ... [read more]

Alyssa M.

My alma mater was having a 150th anniversary concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City in March. Jeffrey and I decided to spend the weekend there so that we could see a Broadway show and do some sight-seeing of the parts of the city we had never visited. After a beautiful concert and a few rounds of ... [read more]

Allison B.

Mike and I got engaged on December 5th, 2008 and it came as a huge surprise to me. He had always said that it was very important for him to first meet my sister and to ask for my Mom's permission to marry me. Since I knew (or thought I knew) that he hadn't done this yet, I never saw it coming. A we ... [read more]

Alison V.

My family has been a Disney family since I was born. Each year my mom, dad, and I would make a trip down to Disney World for Easter, Christmas, or various other holidays. I always wanted to be a Disney princess, so when William proposed me in front of Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World, he mad ... [read more]

Adwoa K.

Craig and I had only been dating two months, but we knew the first time we met each other that we would be together forever. One day, we were sitting in Starbucks when Craig said, "Baby I love you and only want to be with you." It's funny because traditionally a man proposes to his bride-to-be, but ... [read more]

Adrienne Z.

Last week, Hart surprised me with a trip to Williamsburg. Right away, I thought that something might be up, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise by asking too many questions. Plus, I have talked about visiting Williamsburg for a long time since I have very fond memories of the town. Many of you mi ... [read more]

Adriana T.

My boyfriend Jonathan and I went on our first vacation alone on a cruise to the Caribbean. It was the perfect way to relax and spend time together. We landed in Nassau and had a fun and relaxing first day. That night was the first formal night, so we got all dolled up for dinner and went to the capt ... [read more]

Abbey S.

Most little girls dream of a magical engagement, just like the ones they read about in their favorite fairytales. My engagement was like no other I had ever heard of. It was my dream, come true. My fiancé, Mark, and I had been dating for about four and a half years. We had tossed the word mar ... [read more]
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