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Tricky Engagement Stories

Trenecsia H.

On November 9, 2008, I was leaving church and I got a text message from Josh. It read, "Got your message, I'm on my way." I was a little confused because I had not left him a message. I figured that someone at church must have told him I was looking for him, but the message did not make much sense. ... [read more]

Tracee C.

For several months, I would go to my jeweler and "visit " my dream engagement ring. Each time I entered the store, the sales lady Taraneh would bring out my ring, smile and watch as I tried it on. She eventually gave me a card that detailed the style number and designer information. One day, my fian ... [read more]

Tabbatha M.

My fiancé and I were busy all Christmas day, shopping and running around from store to store. That night, we went to look at Christmas lights and then went to dinner. When we got home, I was going to wrap some presents, but as I was getting all of the stuff ready, my fiancé asked if I ... [read more]

Suzell C.

My proposal could not have been a bigger surprise! It all started when Jorge and I had talked about getting married, but had not really set anything in stone. All I told him was that I wanted it to be a surprise. We joined his family for their 2nd Annual Family Cruise to the Caribbean. It was our f ... [read more]

Sara L.

Andy and I had been dating for three years before he asked me to marry him. All of our family and friends had known that we were perfect for each other and that we would eventually get married. The question on everyone's mind was when it was going to happen. Our parents would hint to us that we shou ... [read more]

Meredith S.

My fiancé Cam took me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. We returned to my home, I started unwrapping my gifts - the first of which was an amazing book that Cam had written and illustrated. The end of the book asked me to marry him and when I got to that page, Cam was down on one knee w ... [read more]

Megan S.

My side of the engagement story: My fiancé John and I first met at Medieval Times in Schaumburg Illinois. It was my first job and I had already worked at "the castle" for close to 5 years as a serving wench. My closest friend who also happened to be a coworker had mentioned that one of the k ... [read more]

Megan M.

When the clock struck midnight bringing us into 2008, my boyfriend said, "This is the year that I will finally get to ask you to marry me." After that, I knew the ring was coming. Months passed by and I kept the memory of that night in the back of my mind. My birthday was coming up on June 21st and ... [read more]

Mary B.

For my 26th birthday, Shaun gave me a surprise vacation as part of my gift. He wouldn't tell me where or when we were going, but would only say that it was a long weekend trip, and that he had already cleared the dates with my coworkers. I would occasionally ask for hints, but he did not budge at al ... [read more]

Maria C.

On November 29th, my birthday, my fiancé made reservations at a beautiful Italian restaurant in New York. The food was incredible. He rented a limo to tour us around the city. A while after the limo ride, we went to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It was beautiful. My fiancé ... [read more]

Mara F.

My fiancé and I had already picked out a ring and ordered it. I knew when he had it, but I did not know when or where he was going to propose. One day I went to his house to spend some time together. He was talking on the phone with his brother, and I went to his bedroom to set my purse down ... [read more]

Mandy S.

Brett, my fiancé, and I decided to exchange our gifts this Christmas the Thursday before the holiday, since we were going back home for the week before and didn't want to take everything with us. I made a nice Christmas dinner, and then we exchanged gifts. We went back and forth opening gifts ... [read more]

Mandi M.

His name is Matt, mine is Mandi, and we were both born and raised in southern West Virginia. We were childhood sweethearts who eventually went separate directions. We ran into each other and got back together in December 2007. Matt joined the Army and left for boot camp just days after. After a five ... [read more]

Lindsay M.

On Friday, December 19th, after returning from a two month trip in South America, doing volunteer work and all sorts of travel, Anthony and I met with almost twenty of our friends to have a "white elephant" Christmas dinner party. We spent the whole day on Friday out and about in San Francisco, but ... [read more]

Lexi S.

Our engagement story started off when my boyfriend came home from work and told me that his employer had launched a month long holiday sales competition in which the sales rep with the biggest increase in sales from December 1st to January 1st would receive a trip for two to Chicago. When I asked wh ... [read more]

Laura M.

My boyfriend (now fiancé) and I moved to Chicago in August 2007 so I could attend Loyola University Chicago for graduate school. Tim is an aspiring pilot and has his single-engine airplane license. Since flying is Tim's passion, I go flying with him around Chicago. I love to take photos, so ac ... [read more]

Kayla R.

My fiancé wanted to go to his sister's house in Texas for the weekend. When we arrived, everyone got dressed up because we were supposed to go out to eat. As the sun was setting, we left to go. My fiancé Skyler and I left first. He started driving the right way, but then he all of the ... [read more]

Jennifer P.

It all began on a normal Wednesday afternoon. Preston called to say that he was invited to go deep sea fishing with some of his friends in the Bahamas. Of course I told him to have fun and go, saying it would be a good weekend for him to get away with the guys. That Thursday evening, my friend Heidi ... [read more]

Jeana S.

I had gone home on a Thursday to celebrate my the 16th birthday of my brother, Jonathan. That Saturday, I rode with my family to watch Appalachian State University play Presbyterian in a football game. My boyfriend, Ryan, had just graduated from Appalachian, and I was beginning my senior year. This ... [read more]

Janette L.

As a first grade teacher, I find that every day is hectic and full of a ton of interruptions, kids doing cutest things and times when things certainly don't go as planned. In an effort to gain a little sanity before parents arrived for our Read Across America afternoon celebration, a friend and I de ... [read more]

Heather M.

Several months ago, I was having a bad week at work and had taken a lot of my frustration out on my boyfriend, Brian. Most of my friends had been too busy for me, and I had not been able to vent to them. After almost begging her, one of my best friends agreed to go shopping with me that Saturday for ... [read more]

Falon F.

My now fiancé agreed in early fall that we would take a Saturday or Sunday each month to spend together, just the two of us. He's a photographer, and we were finding that with my crazy schedule during the week and his crazy schedule on the weekends, we weren't spending much time together befo ... [read more]

Emily S.

My fiancé had told me a huge lie about how he had a work kick-off party, with a reception and two guest speakers. He even called me, pretending to take a break from the party, and told me that one of the speakers couldn't make it because he was stuck in Chicago due to bad weather! He's usuall ... [read more]

Emily S.

My fiancé had told me a huge lie about how he had a work kick-off party, with a reception and two guest speakers. He even called me, pretending to take a break from the party, and told me that one of the speakers couldn't make it because he was stuck in Chicago due to bad weather! He's usuall ... [read more]

Ellen G.

This year I thought that I was going to have to spend Valentine's Day without my boyfriend (for the second year in a row). He told me that he was going to be in the mountains with his family, but little did I know that he had different plans. He had flowers delivered on Friday the 13th to throw me ... [read more]

Deborah L.

November was an eventful month for my family. It was the first time in 26 years that I would not spend Thanksgiving at home with my family. It was also a trip that I would never forget. It all started with my brother, Jonathan. He is a talented architect and was honored for his measured drawing in ... [read more]

Danielle S.

I met my man over four years ago. He had picked fights with me for days and I had no idea that he was preparing to ask me to marry him. I was beginning to wonder if he ever would. I did say to myself that 2008 would be the last year that I would be single! It was Christmas Eve 2008, when he called ... [read more]

Crystal W.

Sunday, January 18, 2009 was an ordinary day for most. My family was in town for the inauguration and to celebrate the birthdays of my brother and father. Everyone, including my girlfriend, Crystal, believed we were having a family dinner for their birthdays, but with careful planning by my parents ... [read more]

Courtney C.

My boyfriend Ashley was home on leave from a 7-month tour in Afghanistan, and we had planned on going to a football in the evening. We arrived there about ten minutes into the game and decided to visit the team store, where he bought me a team jersey to wear. Then, we went up to our seats and watche ... [read more]

Christina R.

It was February 29, 2008. My fiancé, Christopher, is a graphic designer and is sometimes required to go on photo and video shoots for advertisements. Christopher had asked me to accompany him to a photo shoot of the penguins at the local aquarium. I love Penguins! He didn't give much detail, n ... [read more]

Chrissy S.

For a little over a month, I had been planning a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend Anthony. He was turning the big 3-0 so I really wanted him to feel loved and celebrated on his special day. I invited his sisters from out-of-state, a bunch of our friends and some of my family as well. The pla ... [read more]

Candice L.

Chad and I were set up by a mutual friend about four and a half years ago. After I had graduated from nursing school, we planned to go to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with my sister and her husband, April and Andy. A couple of weeks before we left, there was a restyling event at one of the l ... [read more]

Audrey Q.

Bryce wanted the engagement to be a complete surprise for me. He conducted a rouse, trying to make me believe that he was doing one thing, but in all truth was planning another. Two of my close girlfriends helped Bryce with this. He recruited them to help him lie to me, so that I would think that my ... [read more]

Ashley D.

My fiancé James and I have been together for a little over two years. When my nursing classes got out for holiday break mid-December, James and I were supposed to go up to Chicago for a relaxing weekend to de-stress. The night before we were supposed to drive to Chicago, James told me to pack ... [read more]

Amanda S.

My fiancé and I have been together for five years and we have talked about getting married often. We went to look at several jewelers and he had told me that he was going to pop the question any day. Well, months went by and there was still no ring! I was getting frustrated, so I asked him. H ... [read more]

Amanda A.

I had been dating my boyfriend, Bobby, for four and a half years before he proposed to me. On October 30, 2008 he was graduating from the Police Academy and getting sworn in by his hiring police department after the ceremony. The whole day was nerve racking: I had class that morning; I had to get re ... [read more]
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