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Rebecca D.

I was going to pick Kevin up at his house to do last minute Christmas shopping. I absolutely didn't want to go because I knew the malls would be packed with tons of others trying to finish up their holiday shopping as well. It was cold outside, and I was not looking forward to the evening. I wanted Kevin to just be ready and hop in my car when I pulled in the driveway. It was below freezing outside, and I definitely didn't want to get in and out of my car. Kevin had other intentions. He said he wasn't ready to leave yet because he hadn't taken a shower and wanted to finish watching the movie that was on TV. When he told me to come inside and wait on him, I was aggravated.

So, I turned off my car and stomped up the sidewalk. As I walked by the bay window, I wondered why all of the lights were off. As I opened the door, I saw Kevin all dressed up in a light blue button-up shirt, jeans and brown boots. The first thing I noticed was Kenny Chesney's "The Good Stuff " playing in the background. We had decided that this was our song when we first started dating. I also noticed the Christmas tree was plugged in, and the lights were sparkling. The fireplace pillar candles were lit, and two glasses of strawberry wine were sitting on the mantle. Strawberry wine was the first alcoholic drink we ever had together when Kevin planned a romantic evening for us years ago. Then, I noticed a medium-sized gift under the tree.

At this point, I was beginning to think that I knew what was going on; however, the size of the box threw me off a little bit. Kevin asked me to take a seat on the foot stool and open my gift. I asked him what was going on, but he couldn't do anything but smile. Somehow he managed to mumble, "Just open your present. " I tried to open the gift slowly, but I just couldn't resist. As soon as I got the green wrapping paper with gold sleighs unwrapped, I saw a "Samuel's Jewelers " ribbon around the gift box and knew exactly what the gift was. My eyes watered as I thought about the fact that I was getting engaged. I opened the gift box to find another type of box, and I covered my mouth in excitement and shock. I couldn't control my crying anymore, and it felt like there were a hundred tears continuously rolling down my cheeks.

As this was happening, Kevin got down on one knee with very watery eyes and started to say something that I couldn't hear because he was getting choked up. A few tears fell from his eyes to his chin as we just looked at each other. Finally Kevin said the words I had been waiting for, the words that millions of girls wait years to hear, the four little words: "Will you marry me? " I have never felt so sure about anything in my life. I didn't hesitate, pause or even have to think about what my answer would be. I knew I wanted to marry Kevin. It is funny that despite the number of the years I've tried to imagine the perfect engagement, I never had a clear image of what the perfect moment would look like until it happened. There wasn't one thing I would change or do differently.

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