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Rachel S.

My fiancé and I both love to be outdoors. His family has a camp on a beautiful lake in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. For my 30th birthday, my fiancé took me to camp for a week, but it rained the entire time. We had planned to boat, hike and swim, but we couldn't do any of it. Still, it ended up being the most romantic week of my life. When my birthday came, he made me wait until late afternoon to open any of my gifts, which turned out to be a bottle opener and a waffle iron. I didn't get it. We took a nap and woke up to a sudden break in the rain. Immediately, we jumped into a little boat and rowed across the lake to an amazing spot in the woods, full of beautiful trees, rocks and even a waterfall. We had talked about an outside wedding for a while and, starting to feel sentimental, I said that I wanted to be married in a place just like this. He started saying things like, "Oh, yeah? Wait, what do you mean?" All the while, he was playing with the fishing hat that he was wearing.

I turned around and was looking out at the water, saying how beautiful and perfect an outdoor wedding would be for us. When I turned back, he was kneeling in the mud, holding out his grandmother's antique engagement ring. He said, "Well, you're going to need a ring." The ring had gotten stuck in the net inside of his hat! He had been trying to keep me talking while he fished it out. We had dinner with his family, went back to camp and had a few cocktails. Thank goodness we had pictures taken at dinner. When we were back at camp, a lamp fell on my head and gave me a black eye! The before-and-after pictures always make me laugh. They are very typical of "us."

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