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Paige G.

Jared and I have been together for almost three-and-a half-years, and this past Valentine's Day was the fourth one that we had celebrated together. He decided that it was time to make up for the past three Valentine's Days that he had severely messed up. Don't get me wrong, I don't need all the bells and whistles that some women ask for on this holiday, but he hadn't even gotten me a card last Valentine's Day, and we had spent the day at Home Depot. How romantic, right?

Well this time, Jared started off the fourteenth by sending me to get my nails done. When I got home, he was waiting for me with a dozen roses, a pink teddy bear, a box of chocolates and of course, chocolate covered strawberries! I thought that that was enough to make up for our past Valentine's Days ten-fold, but then there was more.

After he told me to pack a bag, we went off to stay at a suite downtown. He gave me one wrapped gift, which was the perfume that I had wanted. Then we were off for a steak dinner! When we got back, he gave me another wrapped package with the two wine glasses that I had told him I wanted weeks ago. As I sat there feeling a little foolish for only giving him vitamins for his gift, he handed me another wrapped present. I opened the box, and a jar filled with pink, white and blue M&M's fell out. After I picked them up and told him they were cute, he asked me what was written on them. I read the little M&M's, which said "Paige, I love you. Will you marry me? " and realized what was happening. I turned around, and he was already on one knee with the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen! I said a tearful yes, and we toasted with my new glasses to the best Valentine's Day we will ever celebrate.

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