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Omar K.

I was initially planning to propose on the fall equinox since fall is our favorite season in New England. I had the ring and was all set to go, but a week beforehand, I realized that Kristen would be working that night. So, I decided to improvise a few days early. I asked Kristen to go for a drive with me, but she refused because she was too tired and had too much work that evening. Finally, after my cajoling didn't work, I decided around 11:30pm to make up a little white lie that there was going to be a meteor shower, and I really wanted to see it with her. I also said that it would end a little after midnight so we had to hurry. Luckily, she agreed to go with me on a quick ride.

The weather thankfully cooperated, and it was a nice clear night. The meteor shower story also gave me the convenient excuse to go somewhere away from the lights like on a hill with a nice view. The whole time I was driving, I said things like, "I think I saw one! " and "Aw, that one was just a plane " to really build her up. It was great because she had no idea.

When we finally got up on the big hill, we looked up for the meteor shower from my car. As we sat there, she yelled, "Oh, I just saw a shooting star! " Remember, this is a fictional meteor shower, and it was total luck that there was a shooting star! I thought it was too perfect, and I decided to adlib. I asked her if she had made a wish, and she replied "yes " so I asked what her wish was. She said, "I can't tell you or it won't come true. " I then answered, "Well can I take a guess? " and pulled out the ring strategically when she was looking up. It turns out that I had guessed her wish correctly! The proposal was completely spontaneous but couldn't have turned out better had I planned it out for months. But, I do have to give credit to Mother Nature for the weather and pure luck for the timing on that shooting star.

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