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Nikki C.

My fiancé and I got engaged in Las Vegas! He told me he was taking me on a surprise trip for Valentine's Day. When we got there, I was happy to discover that we were staying at the Bellagio. He told me to be ready by 5:30 for dinner reservations at Circo. When we were headed downstairs he asked me if I minded playing a few slots because we were a little early. We played for a few minutes and then headed off to eat.

Before we arrived at the restaurant he decided it would be so pretty to watch the fountains off the balcony that go off every half hour. When we got to the door there was a security guard blocking it. Jesse asked if we could go outside for a few minutes to watch and it seemed that the guard reluctantly agreed. He told us we could only go out for a couple of minutes and then we would need to come back in.

When we went outside I was overwhelmed by the cold. We walked down a few stairs only for me to see rose petals in the shape of a heart and champagne sitting on the balcony. I told Jesse that we were obviously interrupting someone's "moment" and that we should head back in. He told me the guard would not have let us come in if the other people were coming out. He told me to relax and enjoy the show. I pleaded with him a little more to go inside because it was so cold. Then "Fly me to the Moon" started to play. He asked me how crazy it would be if he proposed at that moment. I laughed and told him it would be crazy, but begged to go inside because of the cold.

Little did I know he was planning on proposing then and there! He got down on one knee and told me that he was proposing. I cried and went blank on the rest of his speech because I was so surprised. When he presented the beautiful ring, the ring box had a little light in it that made it so sparkly. After I stared at it for what must have been several minutes, he reminded me that I had not answered his question. I said yes and we hugged and kissed and enjoyed our champagne and private view of the gorgeous dancing fountains.

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