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Nicole B.

On the day of my engagement, my soon-to-be fiancé woke me up and told me he had the day planned out for us. I got ready in the morning and we left the house. He had already packed an overnight bag for me because I had no idea that we would be staying somewhere. We drove up to South Lake Tahoe and checked into a beautiful room at Mont Bleu. After we got settled into our room, we went down to the casino and gambled a little and did really well. He told me that at 1:30 pm, I had an appointment that I needed to go to. I thought this was odd because we were in Tahoe. We walked across the street to Harrah's Casino and downstairs to the beauty salon. He had made an appointment for me to get my nails done! I love getting my nails done and hadn't had them done in so long so I was super excited. He told me that he would be back when I was done.

After I had finished getting my nails done, we walked around Tahoe and did some wine tasting and just enjoyed the day. When we got back to our casino, he told me that I had one more surprise! We walked to the spa in Mont Bleu, and we both got hour-long massages! It was great. On the way back up to the room, he had mentioned that he needed to use the restroom. I remember thinking it was odd that he was making such a big deal out of it. So, we got to the door of our room and he said, "I have a surprise for you on the bed. Go ahead and open it." I asked him if he wanted me to wait, but he said no. We walked in, he ran to the bathroom and I saw the bed was covered in rose petals with a tiny box in the middle. I opened it up, but it was empty. I turned around, wondering why it would be empty. He came out of the bathroom and got on one knee with the ring and said, "You have to say yes first!" We both hugged and cried. Of course I said yes!

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