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Nevia R.

One Friday, James and I were house-sitting for his parents, and we had just finished a delicious dinner that he prepared for our monthly "date night." While he took the dog out, I got my pajamas on, and then we went to watch a movie. As I was changing in the downstairs bathroom, James came frantically running in the house, and I could hear him yelling, "Nevia, where are you?" I said, "I'm in here." Still frantic, he replied, "Where?" At this point, he had run upstairs, and I thought he had lost it. I replied, "Down here, in the bathroom." This seemed to calm him, and he said "Oh, okay. Auggie, get up here!" I was wondering why he was calling our three-month old miniature schnauzer upstairs, but I still didn't think much of it.

I had finished changing and was in the kitchen getting dessert ready when I noticed James had come in, holding Auggie in his arms. I said, "Do you want to try some of this ice cream?" He quickly and abruptly replied no. I said, "Are you sure? It looks really good." "No," he said. "I'm good." I said okay and walked over to the counter to get myself some ice cream. Just then, he said, "Auggie wants to help me ask you something." As I turned to face him, he put the dog down and said, "Go get mommy." Auggie came running right over to me, and I could see something sparkling on his collar. I said, "What is that?" As he was pawing at my leg, I again said, "What is that?" This time, I said it with more emotion in my voice as I was slowly beginning to realize exactly what was on my puppy's collar.

I bent down for further inspection, and the tears began flowing immediately. James went on to say some really lovely things, and I choked out "yes" through my tears. Then I said, "Get it off the dog!" He slipped the ring off of Auggie's collar and placed it on my finger, where it will remain forever. It really was the perfect proposal. I was so happy that Auggie was included because he is a special part of our little family! James had left the ring on the dresser in the guest room, where he thought that I was changing because I normally would have been there. It struck him when he was outside with the dog, so when he realized what he had done, he grabbed Auggie and ran in the house to make sure I didn't see the ring. That explains why he was so frantic!

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