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Naomi G.

My fiancé and I met one late night at the dog park in San Francisco. My dog Blu was my absolute best friend and sidekick for eleven years. Blu took to George very well, and his dog Yogi adored me. Soon we were a happy family. When Blu passed away from cancer it was total devastation. I had always wanted Blu there on my wedding day, but instead I had to say goodbye. It just wasn't fair. I put him to rest in our favorite play spot in Lake Tahoe, with the most amazing view. Every time George, Yogi, and I go to Tahoe we immediately go see him to say hello.

Seven months later, on June 2008, upon arriving in Tahoe, George suggested we go for a sunset hike to see Blu. I hesitated a bit because of the time, but of course I was up to go see my best friend. The three of us hiked the steep hill to his beautiful spot overlooking the lake. The sun was glistening on the water and it was just a stunning afternoon.

As we stood there saying hello to Blu, George wrapped his arms around me from behind and pulled out the ring. Since we had been hiking, the ring came loose in the box so when he opened it, the ring went flying towards the ground. I quickly reached out and caught it before it ever hit the dirt! There was no way I was letting it get dirty before I even put it on my finger. We had a good laugh and the moment was perfect. It was the four of us all together again, just how we met a few years ago! Perfect.

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