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Monique M.

I truly believe that my fiancé, LeMar Shorts, is a gift from God. On December 18th, 2008, two months and a day after the death of my father, LeMar did something that was totally unexpected and would change my life as I knew it.

LeMar wrote me a letter and placed in the refrigerator. It read:

"You are truly sent from God to me. Proverbs 18:22: ĎA man finds a wife, finds what is good and finds favor from the Lord.' Since I have met you, I feel confident that the Lord has shown me favor. You have truly been my backbone, and I cannot begin to imagine my life without you. Each day you encourage me, and each day you become more remarkable to me than the day before. I have found true love with you, not only that but I have found a priceless friendship, and an irreplaceable coach. When I told my mother today that I wanted to marry you, her unspoken reaction was the greatest confirmation that I have found the greatest woman on the face of the earth. Women are good judges of character; a mother is the best judge of character. So, not only have you been a blessing to me, but you are a blessing to my family. Thank you for your unchanging love, thank you for your constant care, and most of all thank you for your unfailing friendship. I am reaching out for your hand in marriage; I want to share my love with you tomorrow, forever and always. I feel like the luckiest man that I could possibly be to ask you. Marry Me, LeMar."

I was crying as he bent down on one knee, picked the ring up from inside the refrigerator and placed it on my finger. I said YES! In my heart, I think my father knew what was about to happen to him and prayed that God would send an Angel to take care of me. God did this at just the right time! We are getting married on August 15th, 2009; three days after my daddy would have turned 50.

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