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Monica B.

John and I met on our very first day at Loyola College in 2001. After graduation in 2005, our relationship turned long distance while John went to NYU School of Medicine and I worked in Baltimore. Our proposal story took place on April 19, 2007, and I will cherish it always!

It was Thursday, and it was already planned that I would take the train up the next day to visit John in New York for the weekend. I unknowingly threw a little curve in John's plans by leaving work a little early that day since I was not feeling well. As I sat on my futon eating soup, my roommate, Chelsea, came through the front door and handed me a beautiful bouquet of white roses and tulips and a card. Why would John send me flowers when I was seeing him the very next day? I read the card, "You are about the go on your very own Amazing Race."

The card instructed me to go to the courtyard of our freshman dorm at Loyola. I sat there in confusion, with thoughts racing through my mind. Should I call her mom or my friends? Was I being proposed to today? What else could this be? I drove to Loyola hoping that I wouldn't crash my car as I was overwhelmed by both tears and smiles. I waited in the courtyard and was surprised that John was not there. My good friend, Kristen, walked around the corner holding another white bouquet and another card. This card was about present times and being together even though we were long distance.

John and I had just taken a trip that winter to Windham, New York, where we skied, frolicked in the snow, and made s'mores. The card instructed that a good place to make s'mores would be Xando's - a restaurant nearby that we had gone to during college. I drove to Xando's and found Chelsea and her sister sharing s'mores. Another white bouquet and card were waiting for me.

Chelsea gave me an encouraging smile and assured me that the next stop would be the last. This card was about the future and how excited John was that I would soon be moving to New York. It said a good place to think about the future would be the Tulip Garden. I drove to Sherwood Gardens, a nearby garden in a neighborhood of beautiful, huge, old houses that we used to visit in college.

I anxiously looked around for John and finally spotted him standing in the distance. I ran over to John where he had me sit down on a bench. John got down on his knee and asked me to marry him with a beautifully stunning ring made with a diamond that belonged to his great-grandmother. And among the tulips just beginning to bloom, I said, "Yes!"

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