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Mona G.

Andrew and I started talking about our future very early on in our relationship. He began asking my preference in rings, and I didn't have many specifics for him. I really wanted him to choose something that reflected his taste, and not box him into something so specific. I also told him that no matter how he asked me, it would be special to me.

Fast forward nearly two years after we started dating, it was a Wednesday like any other. Andrew came over with a Godiva bag, looking happy to see me. This was nothing new though, we are always thrilled to see each other at the end of the day. I was on the phone with my best friend, so when I looked excitedly at the bag, he told me I couldn't open "my surprise" until I was off the phone. I was on the phone for another ten minutes! He looked anxious, and was motioning to me that he was hungry, and could we head to dinner and could I call my best friend back? I didn't realize dinner out was our plan, and I felt terribly that I was making my poor, hungry boyfriend wait even longer. So I did what any good girlfriend would do - I offered him carrots and hummus to hold him over. Well, that didn't work! In retrospect, he was really nervous.

Once I was off the phone, he let me look inside the bag. There was a Godiva box. "Did you get me chocolates?" I asked, and he smiled coyly and said, "Maybe." I opened the box to find 3 chocolate covered strawberries, and a red ring box. The next part gets a little fuzzy. I'm not sure what I said immediately after seeing the box, but it was something like, "Oh my goodness!" He got down on one knee, and told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life together. It was beautiful and he sounded so composed.

We hugged, laughed and cried. After a few minutes, I asked if it was okay to call my best friend back to share the news. We then called our families and finally went out to eat dinner together. I love that he proposed to me in my apartment! I can revisit where we had our first kiss, and where he proposed to me by just walking a few steps. It was beautiful, intimate and personal. It was really perfect for us.

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