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Molly M.

My boyfriend Ryan recently became a helicopter pilot. The moment he received his license, he asked me if I would go for a helicopter ride with him. He swept me off my feet in a helicopter and climbed the ride up the mountain, until we reached the highest peak. We flew over mountain tops overlooking Sundance. Once he landed, we took a walk out to the edge. He held me in his arms, and we talked about life. We took in the surrounding beauty. Then, he kneeled down and shouted, "What's that?" Filled with adrenaline from the helicopter ride and the heights, I jumped back, thinking it was a creature. He pulled out a sparkling diamond ring and asked me to spend the rest of this adventure of life with him. I couldn't bug him for not being creative. The other pilot was there to capture the moment for us. The experience was breathtaking in so many ways.

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