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Mitzi M.

The Saturday night after Christmas, we were attending a sing-a-long Christmas party at my boyfriend's parents' house. My boyfriend lives in a small town, so many of their co-workers, friends, religious figures and family members were all in attendance. His mother had asked him earlier in the month if he would tell a story at the party. However, she didn't want him to tell just any story; she wanted a very special story that he had been telling all of the children for years. He was very reluctant at first because he wasn't sure if the adults would enjoy the story as much as the kids. After a couple of weeks of consulting with me and his family, he decided to tell the story.

As the party began and all the guests arrived, he asked me if I would go up with him when he told the story. I thought that he was embarrassed to go up alone, so I said I would go with him. The singing began with a variety of Christmas songs. Between every two or three songs, one of his nephews would go up and sing or play the piano for everyone. Finally, his moment began. His brother announced that he was going to tell a very special story and then he asked all of the kids to come gather around his chair. At first, I just let him go up, but he turned around and said, "Come on. You have to come with me." So, I went. I had heard this story about a thousand times, so I was mainly just focused on the kids and how they were reacting and listening to the adults laugh. As he approached what was normally the end of the story, he just kept going a little further. And as he said, "Of course like any other fairy tale, they lived happily ever after. But, something had to happen first," he sat his nephew on the floor from his lap and walked behind me toward the fireplace mantel.

As I turned my head sideways, I saw his brother with his face cupped by his hands, almost in tears. At that moment, I turned to look, and he was pulling a white box out from under an angel decoration on the mantel. I was so incredibly shocked that I just turned around and was speechless. Neither I nor anyone else in the room had any idea that he had planned this. In fact, everyone was so surprised that nobody had taken a picture. To sum it up, he came over to me, kneeled down and said, "I love you so much, will you marry me?" Like I said, I was so surprised that I could barely speak. He bent over to hug me, and I whispered in his ear, "Yes." It was the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me. In fact, it felt like time had stopped for a few brief moments. It is definitely something I will never forget. I got proposed to at a Christmas party in front of what felt like a ton of people at the end of a story-turned-fairy tale.

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