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Misty M.

Mother's day just happened to fall on our five year anniversary. So, we had just planned on spending time with our mothers on this particular day. My boyfriend, Paul, had told me that we were going to go look for a landscaping rock for his mom. He said the rock was down by the creek, behind his mom's old house, which is a beautiful spot in the country where we used to have picnics at in high school. It had been raining all day, and the only way to get back to the creek was down a muddy lane. So, we drove back and got out of the truck to started looking for the rock.

As I got out of the truck, I saw pink and red flowers planted in the shape of a heart. Being myself, I said, "Oh no, someone must have buried their pet back here." Paul replied, "Misty, I planted those there yesterday." I looked over at Paul, and he was down on one knee. His hand was shaking, holding the ring box. He asked, "Misty Marie, I love you, will you marry me?" Of course, I tackled him and screamed, "Yes!"

Now for the fun part, as we are trying to get back to the road, Paul's truck became stuck in the mud. Paul became really upset, while I was just happily starring at my ring and so excited that we are now engaged after five years of dating. Although Paul had thought he had ruined our engagement day, I was so ecstatic. I could not have cared less if we were stuck in the mud all day.

So, we walk about a half of a mile up to the house of the owner of the land and told them our story. Paul had forgotten to ask them if we could even go back there in the first place, so we were somewhat trespassing. The owners were so nice and offered to help us. However, even with a F350 truck, the owner of the land quickly had his truck stuck in mud too.

Then, we had to call a local famer to use a tractor to pull both trucks out of the mud. Needless to say, what could have been a 20 minute proposal turned into to about three hours of fun. We did find a gorgeous rock, just not a landscaping one! No matter what, I will always remember that day and how perfect it was.

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