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Miranda K.

After Aaron and I talked about going to Florida for spring break, we were both so excited. He asked me to find all the places I wanted to go. When I got to the Discovery Cove website, I was so thrilled! It listed that you could feed tropical birds, swim with 150 tropical fish and stingrays and even swim with dolphins. I could not have been more excited. I love dolphins! I couldn't wait!

After traveling all day, we finally found ourselves in Florida. We were so exhausted that day from traveling, my sister, Aaron and I all crashed. When we woke up, we started our adventures. We went horseback riding, shopping, to see Bush Gardens, played at Sea World, and I couldn't wait for was Discovery Cove. The night before we went, my sister, Kylie, decided she had to get waterproof mascara for the both of us. I did not think I needed waterproof mascara, but she insisted that we just had to get pictures and look great! Really, she was concerned that I would end up crying.

When we arrived at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida, we were in awe at how beautiful the place was! It was so secluded and amazing that if we could, we would have spent our entire vacation there. When it came time to swim with dolphins, I nearly ran into the pool. The trainers were amazing and learned our names very fast. Even though the water was freezing, I was more shocked that there was a real, live dolphin right in front of me. I smiled from ear to ear the entire time! At the very end of the session, our trainer asked us to send our dolphin Cindy across the lagoon to get a toy. When they asked who wanted to get the toy from her when she brought it back, I nearly jumped out of the water. They told me at first that she might knock me over, so I was nervous.

They put Aaron behind me to catch me just in case. In the few moments it took the dolphin catch the buoy, Aaron started to get nervous because he didn't think she could get it. I still had no idea what was going on. When Cindy got the buoy in her mouth and brought it to me, I immediately went to hand it to the trainer. She said, "Is there something written on it?"

I looked down and saw my name! I turned it slightly to read what was under my name. It said, "Miranda, Will you marry me?" Aaron put his arm around me and I started crying. I could barely open my mouth to say yes, so I just nodded my head. We hugged and kissed. I couldn't have been happier! Neither could Cindy, because she splashed water on us when I said yes.

After all three of us were in tears, Aaron walked me up out of the water and onto the beach. A table with my ring had been set up. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him again. Discovery Cove not only took professional pictures, but also recorded the whole thing so when we came home from Florida we were able to share our engagement with everyone!

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