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Mira S.

Mike asked to take me out to dinner to celebrate Christmas together because we were going to be spending the holidays apart with our respective families. He bought tickets to the Walt Disney Concert Hall for the Organ Spectacular on the same night. We've always enjoyed attending concerts at this hall, but his choice of show was definitely questionable. However, since I always enjoy going there, I thought it would be fine. The night of the concert, we went to a nice restaurant that I had wanted to try. I noticed Mike was extra sweet to me that night, but I just thought it was because we weren't going to see each other for a few weeks. He then asked me what the highlights and lowlights of my year had been; it was a nice reflection for the both of us. In the end, we agreed that we both had had an overall good year and made it through the hardships.

We headed to the concert, and I observed that our outfits did not fit in at all. Since it was a around Christmas, most of the audience members felt the need to wear bright red Christmas sweaters! We also noticed we were much younger than most of the people. The concert itself was a different experience, but it was fun, and we laughed about how out of place we felt. When the concert was over, he asked to walk around to wait for the parking to clear up. We walked in the garden area, and Mike asked if I wanted my Christmas present now or later.

At first, I wanted to answer "later " to see what his reaction would be, but I was just too curious. He chuckled and asked me to close my eyes. I did and felt a box on my hand. At that point I knew what was going on, so I opened my eyes. Mike asked, "Will you marry me? " I looked at the box, which was open but upside down. I thought for a second that it was a joke, so I exclaimed, "Why is it upside down? " He didn't answer and only stared at me. I was in such disbelief that this moment was happening that my next words were, "Shut up, really? " Yes, as I've always imagined how I would react. Mike kept staring, and I quickly said, "Of course! " We hugged in the garden, and I tried on my ring. I then told him that this was definitely my top highlight of 2008.

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