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Mindy M.

My story isn't extravagant and may not be all that fascinating to some, but to me it was the most special and prized moment of my life. I met my fiancé, Josh, online, which may sound strange to some. It was truly love at first sight when we finally met. We dated for eight months before he proposed last August.

Josh was staying at my parent's house over Labor Day weekend and we had made plans to go to Disney's Epcot that Monday. It had been about two weeks since we had seen each other, and we were struggling. We love each other so much that just the thought of being apart drives us crazy. The week before Labor Day was especially bad. I am blessed with one of the most thoughtful and caring guys out there, and to make it easier on me, Josh had compiled several videos detailing our relationship that he sent to me. In these videos, he played our favorite songs and read the numerous e-mails that we had exchanged before we first met. He would do silly things to make me laugh and say the sweetest things that would make me cry. The videos were priceless and I loved them, but little did I know that they were part of his plan.

Fast-forward back to Monday. I woke up early to find everyone in my house gone. I knew that my mom was out of town that weekend, but had no idea where my dad and Josh were. All of a sudden, I saw Josh come in the house with an armful of grocery bags. I was still in my pajamas and very confused! As he turned the corner and saw me sitting on the couch, I saw his face somewhat fall, as if I had ruined something for him! He quickly recovered and asked me what I was doing up so early, to which I responded, "Where have you been?" I could see the wheels turning and he answered that he had planned to make me breakfast before I woke up. Josh was always doing sweet, thoughtful things like that, so at this point I still had no clue. He proceeded to fix me my favorite breakfast items and when he brought me my plate, he told me that he was working on another video for me. This one he hadn't finished, but he was going to read a letter in the video and asked if he could just read it now. Of course I said yes, still oblivious to what was about to happen.

He sat beside me on the couch and pulled out a sheet of paper and began to read. He told me about how much he loved me, how special and unique our relationship was and how he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with me. I listened, was touched, but was still out of the loop. Finally, he got to the end of the letter, with the last sentence reading, "Everyone we know says we are the perfect couple and I would agree except for one small detail." This was when he got down on one knee and fumbled with something in his pocket.

It was literally not until I saw the ring that I realized what is going on! He then said the most wonderful words I have ever heard and asked me to be his wife. I was still in shock, with my hands covering my O-shaped mouth; I was shaking my head back and forth out of disbelief. He put the ring on my finger and then we hugged for about an eternity. Realization dawned on me and I asked, "Wait, did I give you a verbal answer?" He laughed and told me no, and I officially said, "Yes!" I truly believe that I have found my other half, my soul-mate.

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