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Vanda C.

Two Ships Passing in the Night:

Scott and I first met at Duke. It was the summer after I graduated and the summer after his junior year. I came back early from a trip to Europe to work as an office assistant for Duke's summer camp. I manned the registration table when the counselors arrived. Scott showed up in a pink shirt (he is absolutely certain it was blue), with his sunglasses around his neck. I knew he was going to be trouble. Over time, we discovered that we had lived in the same dorm the previous year and had never met. He even remembered walking by my room.


For the first session, I was busy keeping Scott out of trouble for trying to enter the dining hall without shoes, sneaking into the dining hall (still without shoes), and getting caught (yes, without shoes). Between sessions, for the Fourth of July, a bunch of the staff went on a road trip to Wilmington. That's when I unearthed and experienced his gentle side. During the second session, we were pretty much inseparable. Too bad each session only lasted 3 weeks. I was off to the working world, and he was off to his last year of college. I tried to break up with him, but he wouldn't let me.

Three and a Half Years Later:

On New Year's Eve, we were at Duke for a basketball game. We walked to the spot where we had our "talk," where I'd tried to break up with him. He knelt to the ground, pulled out a ring, and said, "This is where I convinced you to stay with me, and this is where I'm going to convince you to spend the rest of your life with me. I love you. Will you marry me?" I could only nod.

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