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Valerie D.

I love Halloween. Everything about that time of the year is great - the crisp mornings, the changing of the leaves, and all the festivities. So, my fiancé decided that he wanted to make my favorite time of the year extra special to me.

First, he told me he wanted to go pick out a Halloween costume for himself, but he wanted it to be a surprise, so I couldn't come. A day later, he told me he wanted to spend some time with his parents, just them and him, but he had arranged for me to spend some time with my own family. I would be going over to my mother's to carve pumpkins with my younger siblings.

When I got home, he came up to me and the first thing he said was, "Trick or treat." I was confused and asked, "What?" He continued to only say, "Trick or treat." I began to get infuriated, asking "What do you mean?" He then sighed and retorted mumbling under his breath, "Fine, trick."

He proceeded to tell me that he had lied, and he hadn't went to spend time with his parents, that he had gone to the casino and lost a lot of money. That only made me angrier, not that he had lost the money, but I was hurt that he had not taken me along with him. He then performed a magic trick and pulled a twenty dollar bill and a quarter out of thin air. This only confused me more, as moments before he had told me he lost everything.

He then looked me in the eye and said, "Now the treat." He dropped to his knee, pulled out the ring and with a very fragile, shaky, nervous voice he said, "Valerie, will you please marry me." Not missing a beat, I then said, "Of course, you're my best friend, I wouldn't dream of spending my life with anyone else." This made my favorite holiday even more special!

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