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Megan M.

When the clock struck midnight bringing us into 2008, my boyfriend said, "This is the year that I will finally get to ask you to marry me." After that, I knew the ring was coming. Months passed by and I kept the memory of that night in the back of my mind. My birthday was coming up on June 21st and I had a strange suspicion that he was going to pop the question. It was early June when we started talking about what I wanted to do for my birthday. I was living in North Carolina at the time, and he was back in Atlanta where we originally met. When suggesting restaurants, he kept hinting at going to one of our favorite restaurants, Canoe. I said, "Oh, we've been there so many times I would love to try something new." Well, he didn't let it go and suggested it a few more times before ceasing. I thought it was strange that he was so stuck on going to this restaurant, but it didn't faze me.

A few days later my dad called me and in conversation he mentioned he was trying to get a hold of my boyfriend because he had called him earlier in the day about meeting up for lunch or dinner one day. This raised my suspicions and I knew something was up. All along, I had told my boyfriend I wanted to be genuinely surprised when he popped the question and now I had good suspicions that he was going to do it on my birthday. Well by the time we talked next, this idea had been eating me up inside and I told him, "I know what you're doing! You're going to take me to Canoe for my birthday and you're going to propose." Well, at this point it was just a suspicion, but when he immediately put up his defenses and insisted that wasn't the case, I knew I was right.

After telling him how I just knew it was going to be then, he broke down and told me I was right! At first I felt so accomplished for figuring out his plan, but then I started to realize how much planning went into the engagement. He had spoken with the manager and chef to give me the engagement of my dreams, only for me to discover the whole plan two weeks early. The next few days the guilt started to set in. I kept telling him how, "I ruined the good surprise," and how sorry I was. I felt so bad that I honestly didn't think he would propose anytime soon.

That weekend I was set to go visit my best friend that lived in Virginia. When I got to her house after work, we left for dinner with a big group of friends. About this time, my boyfriend started sending my best friend messages asking for her address, how long the drive was, etc. By the time my friend noticed the messages it was about 2 am and we were heading back to her house. When she responded, she immediately thought he was coming to visit, but he assured her it was too late and too far of a drive. The next morning we woke up to a dog jumping on the bed. This was really odd because her dog, Riley, is not allowed on the bed, or any furniture for that matter. By the time I really woke up, I realized it was Sadie, my boyfriend's dog. I was really confused.

I got up out of the bed and started wandering around the house. My best friend was starting to piece everything together and kept egging me to, "Go find where Sadie came from." I found my boyfriend standing in the living room, looking like he hadn't slept all night. I ran up and hugged him and was absolutely surprised to see him. He looked and me and said, "I drove through the night to prove to you that you don't ruin all the good surprises."

By this point, he pulled out the ring box and was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was still wearing my pajamas and sporting the side ponytail. Of course I said, "Yes!" I later found out he left work late that night and decided he was going to surprise me by coming up to Virginia. He ended up stopping about every hour to get a cup of coffee or to take a quick nap at a rest stop. Unfortunately, the spur of the moment trip meant he hadn't been able to ask my parent's permission. So, at about 7 am when he was just an hour away, he called both of my parents to tell them the plan. Looking back, the all-nighter was probably not the brightest idea, but it led to one of the best moments of our lives. All of my friends said it was something that was so real and you could tell how much he really loved me.

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