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Meagan J.

It all started last July when my fiancé BJ won a seven-day cruise in the Caribbean. One of the ports of call was St. Thomas, an island I have always wanted to visit because it is home to Magens Bay. My parents had honeymooned in St. Thomas and my Mom, accustomed to the concrete and high rise buildings of New York City, swore she had never seen a sight so pretty as the heart-shaped beach on Magens Bay, which was consistently named one of the world's top ten beaches. She even named me after the beach, though with a slightly different spelling. Being the hopeless romantic that he is, BJ decided that this was the place where he would propose to me.

After a morning of exploring under the sea, we decided to hire a cabby to take us to Magens Bay. Once at Magens Bay, BJ insisted on taking a stroll to the end of the beach where there was nothing, as I so graciously noted. Trying my best to be more "laid back " while on vacation, however, I agreed. I didn't think anything of this walk as BJ normally can't sit still. Once at the end of the beach, away from all the other tourists, I asked BJ to swim with me in the clear turquoise waters. I insisted BJ seize the moment and swim with me because we didn't know if we'd be back at Magens Bay again. BJ resisted as he normally does, so once again I was not suspicious. After being slightly disappointed that he wouldn't come in the water, I decided that I would swim back to our spot on the beach while he would walk back.

After coercing me out of the water under the pretense of wanting a hug, BJ got down on one knee in the sand, presented a beautiful platinum princess cut ring and asked me to marry him. Wet and stunned, I stepped back and just repeatedly said, "Oh my God! " until BJ asked, "Well is that a yes? " I then replied "yes " and the rest is history.

We celebrated that night at the only specialty restaurant on the ship, which has wood paneling from the sister ship of the Titanic. It was the fanciest dinner I had ever had and was extremely special. Afterwards, we popped open some bottles of champagne with our friends, who had decorated our cabin door and had gotten us cake. The waiters even sang a "Happy Engagement " song, which was really quite interesting.

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