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Matt N.

It was a gorgeously snowy Saturday, and we had a whole day planned out. It started off with brunch at Rose Water, one of our favorite brunch places in Brooklyn, and one of the places where we had eaten when we first started dating. Afterward, we walked around for a bit and decided to head over to the Whitney Museum to check out the Calder exhibition. Valerie had never been, and I wanted to see the exhibit. On the way, I made us frequent a couple of drugstores in hopes of finding a blue Sharpie pen (more on that later).

After the exhibit, we continued on the hunt for a blue Sharpie. Valerie was convinced it was just another one of my obsessive adventures and happily humored me while I panicked and mentally berated myself for not buying one earlier. Eventually, the adventure took us through Central Park, where the blanket of snow created a Disney-esque feeling, like a winter wonderland. With a couple of hours to kill before we went to dinner, we decided to go to an art gallery in Chelsea, where there was a minimalist architecture photographer that I had wanted to see at one of the galleries we went to when we had first started dating.

Little did she know, I had arranged for the absolutely wonderful Yossi Milo Gallery to put up one of my personal photos. We had to walk for a bit, and I continued my hunt for a blue Sharpie. After a myriad of failures, I just settled on a plain black Sharpie. We went to the gallery, which was surprisingly packed. We looked at a few photos, but I felt like it was just way too full for me to feel comfortable asking, so I made up some lame excuse, and we left the gallery.

About twenty minutes later, however, we returned to the gallery, and I took Valerie into the back where my photo was hanging. I tried to divert her attention away from my photo for a bit, so I could prepare myself. However, like a shark smelling blood, Valerie went straight to the photo and tapped me on the shoulder, smiled and pointed to it. I thought I had been caught so I just decided to do it right then. I whispered that I didn't think that there would be that many people around but that the photo was mine. I told her it was an incomplete six-word story, and then I got down on one knee, popped out the ring and asked her if she'd help me finish writing the happiest six-word story ever. Then I handed her the Sharpie and she wrote in her "yes. "

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