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Marissa N.

Collin and I had our first kiss on a date that ended in Centennial Olympic Park. It was romantic and beautiful, and for some reason, there actually were fireworks in the city that evening! Recently, my best friend Caralee and I were chatting in between classes at GSU, and she asked if Collin and I would like to have dinner with her and her boyfriend Kyle. This was not unusual because the four of us had dinner after classes on Tuesdays regularly. I agreed, and we set a time and restaurant. After class, Collin and I began to make our way to the restaurant to meet our favorite couple. During the commute to Ted's Montana Grill in downtown, Collin made the astute observation that Centennial Olympic Park was just a few blocks away. We quickly made the decision to take a walk there after dinner.

Once seated, it quickly became apparent that Kyle and Caralee were not going to be able to join us. Caralee had sent me a few text messages explaining that they couldn't come because of a family feud. Although I was sincerely upset, I decided not to let it ruin my evening. After dinner, Collin and I made our way to the park. On our walk, our conversation changed to the topic of our first kiss. Collin, being the sweet guy that he is, led me to the exact spot where we had shared our first kiss. He turned to me and asked, "What were we talking about that night? " I told him that I couldn't remember because it had been such a long time ago. He said, "Did I ask you to be my girlfriend? " "No, that was later on, in the Virgin Islands, " I replied. "Oh, well did I ask you to marry me? " At the end of that question, Collin pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring that I had ever seen. Of course I said yes. Once we arrived home, we were greeted by all of our friends and family, including Caralee and Kyle, who had stood us up for dinner earlier. I soon found out that both their bailing on dinner and everyone gathering to congratulate us were all part of Collin's elaborate plan. He was so sweet and thoughtful that night, and he is the best fiancé a girl could ask for.

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