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Mandy L.

My fiancé Jake warned me that Idaho is very unpredictable during the winter. Nevertheless, I insisted that we leave California and fly to Idaho to visit his family for Christmas break. Upon arriving, we found that we had been snowed out of the house. Jake waded through snow to uncover the snow blower and make a path for us. As I recovered from the blizzard and sipped coffee with his mom, he proceeded to snow-blow all of the neighbors' driveways down the street! It didn't stop there. Jake removed snow from the roof, deck and cars. He even built a snow cave! I was beginning to wonder what had provoked his newfound energy spurt. His focused snow removal certainly hinted at his deep concentration on the upcoming proposal, but I was oblivious. At least we could leave the driveway to go downtown! Unfortunately, my boyfriend encountered difficulty as he attempted to plan our evening. Expletives spilled when he found out that the internet wasn't working. He proceeded to lock himself into the home office with my IPhone to look up a romantic place to take me.

A few hours later, we were headed to Lake Couer d'alene to take a "holiday lights cruise." However, Couer d'alene had other plans in store for us. We arrived downtown to a pitch black night. People walked the streets with candles, exclaiming that a transformer had blown and that the electricity was out. I now had a rather sullen boyfriend on a dark holiday lights cruise. Upon returning from our dark adventure, the lights turned back on. Jake would not give up. He searched out a lovely wine cellar dinner, and we cuddled up with two glasses of wine. Within minutes of placing our orders, he gave me a dreamy look, and I melted. As if on cue, the couple next to our table got engaged! Jake's dreamy spell had shattered, and he just looked frustrated. I, of course, was ecstatic for the couple, yet concerned for my boyfriend. Why was he suddenly so quiet? However, Jake would still not give up. He insisted that we try a smooth jazz venue to relax from the day. We stumbled through the cold to track down the obscure location. Upon arriving, we grabbed warm toddies (a drink) and drank to the serene music. Well, it was serene for one song. The jazz band was replaced by a teenage grunge rock band. Jake looked me in the eyes and said, "This day is unbelievable!" Needless to say, we left immediately.

Jake refused to give up, though. He swept me away to a quiet, top floor lounge in the lakeside resort. The curt waitress at the door warned us that she had already made last call because the guitarist was sick and needed to leave. Jake ordered two martinis anyway and soon we were the lone couple gazing out of the floor-to-ceiling windows and taking in the vibrant holiday lights. A single tear slipped down his cheek. What could be wrong? He spoke of how this whirlwind day had proved my love, dedication and belief in him. He asked if he could ask me the most important question of our life. Now, it was time for my single tear to fall. As he dropped to his knee and pulled out a stunning ring, my single tear melted into many. I said yes. The sick guitarist shed a few tears himself, and soon we were dancing alone over the holiday lights to sweet love songs he played just for us. Even the curt waitress melted and offered another round of drinks. To me, the day was perfect because it was now our day. I knew I was in the right arms. I had a fiancé who would never give up.

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