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Lynn L.

Nathan and I have been together eight years, but I didn't see my proposal coming. In June 2008, we were out of town, and he got a phone call from his jeweler that my ring was ready. Apparently, he and his mom had visited a few of the local jewelers, and he finally found something that felt "Lynn" to him. It had to be a custom order, and after he picked it up, it was burning a hole in his cargo pocket. I, oblivious to his recent purchase, didn't hurry home from a family dinner/laundry night when he called wanting to go to the park that Sunday evening.

At 10:30 pm when I walked in the door and he still wanted to go, I didn't think much of it since it was a nice summer night. We got to the swings, my favorite part of any park, and while I was swinging away, he started saying how much he loved me - I knew something felt different. The second he reached for the pocket of his shorts, I instantly knew he was reaching for a ring. I stopped swinging immediately, and I think my jaw hit the ground because I thought it would be at least another year or so before he'd be ready to get married.

He opened the box to reveal a cluster of tiny sparkles and asked the big question. I think I said, "Of course!" and then grabbed his hand and pulled him over to stand under the lamp post, so that I could see the ring more clearly. Through happy tears, I asked a million questions of how long he had been planning this, and we walked back home so that I could call all of my friends and family.

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