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Tricia D.

Ten years ago, as high school sweet hearts, my young boyfriend swept me away to a cabin on the coast over my birthday and Valentine's Day weekend. On February 14, 1997 he proposed to me. I accepted his proposal. I was young and so was he. Given our ages, in 1998 we separated. I became scared and overwhelmed. I knew I loved him and he loved me, but we were both so very young and had much life to be experienced. We parted and neither of us took the separation very well. We both rushed into another relationship. He married the next girl and I married the next boy, both of which neither of us really truly loved.

Over ten years had gone by, I often asked my family about him or if they ever heard or saw him. They lived in the same Valley for ten years and not once ran into him. He and his wife had a baby boy very suddenly in their new relationship and they married. I too became pregnant and married. Both of us had boys nine months apart from one another. I also later gave birth to a baby girl. While I was going through a messy separation from my then Husband, I received an interesting call from my sister. She called and said, "You will never guess who I just ran into?" I had a feeling it was my first love. She said yes, and you will never guess who he asked about? She explained that he was also divorced. She said all he could talk about was "Me" and she had his number. I moved with my children back to the Valley to be close to my family during the divorce process. We were put back into contact with one and other and both really embraced the friendship we were re-building.

Although both of us were fighting back strong un-resolved feelings for one and other. As time went by and we became closer and closer, He managed to re-create the proposal at the same cabin on the coast with the same diamond engagement ring. He pledged his love to me as he did ten years ago. Of course since my love has never changed, I wholeheartedly accepted. Together we will combine our hearts, our families and our children, and this time for eternity.

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