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Lisa M.

We had been dating for six months and both knew that we were destined for each other. I lived about one hour away from him, in a city that has a beautiful downtown. We would often just walk and talk there. One night we walked through some hedges, only to find a gorgeous church courtyard with amazing gardens and a gazebo made of wood with steps and marble floors. We both said it felt like Notting Hill. It started to rain and we ran back to the house.

Months later, we had dinner plans and Scott came to pick me up. He said that I had to hurry because he had reservations. We got in the car and he drove just a few blocks. I was confused as we were on a side street with no restaurants. When I looked right and through those same hedges, I saw candlelight. I got out of the car and saw that there was candles all around the gazebo with a small table set with China and linen for two. It was very romantic. He had appetizers, wine, and a full hot meal with a ton of food. After dinner I said to myself, "How is he ever going to beat this one day?" Then he said one more thing and reached into the cooler. Dessert was the first thing to come to my mind, but before I knew it he was on one knee! It was a night to remember!

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