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Linzi R.

My fiancé's aunt works for a hotel and told us she could give us a complimentary hotel room because business was slow with the end of the holidays. I didn't think anything of it since she had done it before. We had always wanted to go back to stay on the Riverwalk and go to Howl at the Moon (a piano show) and dinner, etc. So we decided to go Friday night and then go to see my grandparents Saturday afternoon at their farm, since it's on our way home. We got to the hotel, walked down the river and then got ready for our dinner reservations at a restaurant in the hotel.

We had a drink in the bar first, and then headed to dinner, which was no big deal. I was wearing a new dress and his shirt and pants were kind of matching it, so it was cute! We ate and he acted normally, not strangely or anything. Little did I know that he was texting and talking to the hostess every chance he had while I was in the bathroom to see if everything was ready at the private event he had set up in the courtyard under the stars of the Valencia. He got me there without a suspicion by telling me that his aunt had ordered us after dinner drinks. I told him I felt too full to drink, and he suggested going outside so we wouldn't feel rushed.

We walked to the courtyard, and I saw a sign that said "Private Event " through the door, so I started turning around, saying, "We can't go in there, someone is having an event. "He put his hand on my back, gently pushed me through the door and said, "Maybe it's for us. " That's when I heard our song start playing and saw a slideshow projected on a big screen, which was showing pictures of us throughout our relationship. I started crying. There was a table with roses in the shape of a heart around it, champagne, flowers and a beautiful ring that he had designed and had custom-made. He walked me over to the table, got down on one knee and said the most genuinely sweet words to me, which ended in, "Linzi Anne Robinson, will you marry me? " I said, "Of course I will! "We then hugged and did all this gushy stuff as his aunt took pictures and a man from the hotel staff filmed. I can now watch the video forever and re-live the most amazing moment of my life!

I thought it was all done on Friday night, but I was wrong! We drank our champagne, celebrated, called everyone and then got to Howl at the Moon to show off my new piece of jewelry! The next morning, we were going to surprise my grandparents since I had not called the night before because it was too late. We got up for a late checkout, grabbed something to eat and headed to the farm. On the way, Zack kept telling more lies about how only my best friend Molly, my Mom, his parents and some of his friends knew the specifics of how and when he was proposing

When we turned the corner to the farm, I saw familiar cars as well as balloons at the gate. Surprise #2: everyone knew! They had all done such a good job acting surprised when I had called the night before! 26 of our family members had met at the farm for my surprise engagement party! My grandfather prayed our first blessing for us, which was one of the best things he could have ever done. We ate delicious barbeque and drank champagne. There were toasts all around, and we all hung out and shared the video and slideshow of what had gone on the night before. We also enjoyed a precious cake that said, "He asked and she said yes! " that was mighty tasty. Overall, I was shocked that he had pulled it all off without my ruining it. It was more than I could have ever imagined and truly shows how special he is. Now is just the beginning of the best time of my life!

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