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Yvonne R.

It is an annual tradition for me and my fiancé to go on a trip for New Year's Eve. This year, Brion wouldn't give me any clues about where we were going beyond, "Pack warm clothing." I would randomly see my fiancé and my mother whispering to each other, but every time I asked what was going on, they said nothing. However, I knew something strange was happening. We arrived at the airport, where I found out that we were going to San Francisco for a romantic weekend. I was so excited! Site seeing, trolley cars, shopping and my man! Another surprise Brion had was what we were actually going to be doing for New Year's Eve. It turned out that Brion had booked a boat cruise around the bay.

The boat stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge, and we watched fireworks from the deck. And then it happened. Someone else got engaged! Instead of spoiling our special moment, Brion decided to wait until we had gotten back to the hotel to go down on one knee and propose. I spontaneously burst into uncontrollable tears, and he had to ask me if I had said yes. I did! I totally had lost all recognition of time and space and immediately called my mother, not realizing it was 4 a.m. and that I was freaking her out with my crying. I finally was able to tell her what happened and she said she had known. Brion had taken my mom with him when he picked out the ring in order to get her approval. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and I can't wait to become Mrs. Brion Oaks!

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