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Trevor B.

Megan and I went on our yearly vacation to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. This being such a beautiful part of the United States, there were so many options available for popping the big question. I talked to my brother and his wife, Nicole, and they told me, "Dude, you're stupid if you don't do it on the beach!" Now, anyone that knows Megan and her history with me, knows that she would realize right away that something was up if I asked her to go on a walk to the beach. Let's just say I am "romantic," but just not quite that romantic.

My mind was racing with possible proposals that would make her say, "Only you would do something like this!" All I knew for sure was that it had to come out of nowhere; it had to be a surprise.

Upon finally landing at Hilton Head, we took a forty-five minute car ride to Harbour Town. Harbour Town is a little outdoor bar where we start off our vacation every year. It is a really pretty place, and the bar is right on the harbor front, housing multi-million dollar yachts, a very pretty lighthouse, and small shopping center. One idea had been to just go walking around the shops and just popping the question there. However, that didn't sound like the most romantic of ideas.

This year was different, while sitting at this little bar having a few drinks and eating some lunch, I turned around to see that there were people standing at the top of the light house. I knew that this would be the perfect location! Now came the hard part, getting Megan split away from the girls and going to the lighthouse. I told her, "Hey, let's go check out the lighthouse." She agreed to go with me, but stipulated that she had to finish her drink first. The drink came and went, so I told her again lets head up there. She managed to talk me into one more cocktail and said after that we would go. I told her okay, but that we had to make it quick because we were leaving in forty-five minutes to check into our condos. It was fifteen minutes until we had to leave, and her drink was still half full. I told her, "Hurry up so we can get up there and check it out, I don't know if we are going to come back down here this trip." She caved in, finished her drink, and we walked to the lighthouse.

I paid our $6 admission fee and we started up the stairs. I second guessed if this was the best idea because we had to climb nine flights of stairs to get to the top. We walked around the top of the lighthouse for a few minutes, overlooking the harbor and the island. It was very pretty. Once we were alone, I said to her, "Hey I got something for you," and I pulled a new Apple iPod Nano out of my pocket and handed it to her. She was caught a little off guard, to say the least. I then told her to read its engraving. Megan turned it over and read, "Will you marry me? Hilton Head 2008." Before she could say anything, I fell to one knee and asked her simply, "Well? Will you marry me?" The rest is history and I am the happiest man alive!

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