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Lindsey L.

Our engagement involved a haunted hotel, an ambulance, the ER, fourteen dozen roses, runny mascara, some cunning schemes on my fiancé Chris's part and one sparkly bit of happiness. After Chris graduated from law school in May, we drove from Minnesota to Colorado for a brief vacation before closing on our new house. After a week of hiking, anticipation and sleepless nights, Chris treated me to a few hours at a spa. We then retired to the cabin to prepare for an anniversary dinner at the Stanley Hotel.

After arriving at the hotel and having a couple of bites of appetizer and a sip of wine, I went to the bathroom where I fell sick. A teenage girl ran to speak frantically with the maitre d' and asked my fiancé, "Are you Chris? " He said yes, and the girl quickly responded, "Dude! Your girlfriend fainted! " He ran to find me sprawled out on the floor outside the bathroom, with the hotel staff nervously hovering over me. The paramedics arrived shortly and determined I was extremely dehydrated, so they carted me off to the ER in the ambulance. Chris followed in the car and called his sister Katie on the way to give her an update.

Once we had left the cabin for the hotel, my friends arrived to prepare the cabin for the proposal later that evening. Ideally, they would have finished arranging the roses, lit all the candles, turned on the music (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing "Stars Fell on Alabama "), gotten the fireplace roaring and hightailed it out of there before we returned from dinner to the disgustingly romantic scene. Of course, the plan was shot once the word "fainted " came into the conversation.

Chris and Katie decided that since I would be fine, the show had to go on. Arriving at the hospital, I had a saline IV put in my arm. Finally, I was discharged with a very fine pair of blue hospital slippers after a three and a half hour stay at the hospital. My friends had been done with the preparations for a few hours and were just waiting on my release to light the candles and get out of there. After word from Chris that they were on their way home, we arrived to a beautiful scene of roses, music, candles and a crackling fireplace, where Chris asked me to marry him. I said yes, albeit a few hours late.

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