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Linda D.

It was just any old weekend. We were getting ready to go out to dinner to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We got our things together and headed down to the car. Just as we got to the car, Nick said that he had forgotten his wallet. He looked at me and said I need to go back. At this point he was shaking in his pants. If I had gone upstairs with him, I don't know how else he would have proposed to me. However, Nick knows that I am a lazy person and as expected I told him I would wait in the car.

He ran back upstairs and proceeded to decorate the apartment with rose petals from the door to the bedroom and placed candles all over the room. After 5 minutes, he finally came down. With sweat glimmering on his forehead, he told me he had misplaced his wallet and couldn't find it. I was in no mood to hear an excuse, but wanted him to just hurry up and drive because we were late! We had an amazing dinner and returned to our apartment. As I opened up the door I was extremely alarmed. Was someone here? Did we get robbed? Who was here? Who did this? Nick was with me the entire time! All of these questions I kept asking without stepping a foot into the apartment.

It wasn't until Nick said, "Why don't you follow the roses?" I quickly snapped out of being shocked and followed the petals. On the bed was a perfectly shaped homemade heart adorn with wedding scrapbook stickers. I picked up the card and read a beautiful story of how we met, how he loved me, and how I was his best friend. In sobbing tears the last sentence I read was, "Will You Marry Me?" I quickly turned around only to find him down on his knee asking me to marry him. With my mascara running down all over my face, I said, "Yes!" Then out came a precious little blue box with the prettiest diamond ring ever! I couldn't believe that he did all of this. I was extremely shocked. I thought there was no way he would pull this off without me knowing. However, not knowing made it so much more special! I am so proud of him and can't wait to begin our new life together!

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