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Lexi S.

Our engagement story started off when my boyfriend came home from work and told me that his employer had launched a month long holiday sales competition in which the sales rep with the biggest increase in sales from December 1st to January 1st would receive a trip for two to Chicago. When I asked why Chicago, he said that it was because his company had a plant there. Excited about the idea of a free trip, I'd often asked him throughout the course of the month how he was doing and where he stood alongside his competitors. He would give me a legitimate update with stats and everything, so I never once suspected anything other than a contest.

Fast forward to the week of January 19th, when I was at work and realized the competition was clearly over, I called to ask my boyfriend what had become of it. He said that they hadn't been updated yet, but he would call and check on the results. Two hours later, I got an email from him that had been sent by his boss, announcing that my boyfriend had won the contest to Chicago and that the trip would be that next weekend! I was so excited and congratulated him before proceeding to ask for time off work. It was surprisingly easy to get off work. In retrospect, I learned that my fiancé called my boss before the holidays to let him know what was going on so that I would have no problem taking time off.

We left for Chicago early Friday morning. When we arrive, we spent the day shopping, walking around the city and just enjoying our "free" trip. At the end of the day, before we went to dinner, my boyfriend mentioned that we were going to have dinner with his boss the next day as a reward. He proceeded to tell me that he had arranged for me to have a spa day while he went on a plant tour of the company facility in Chicago. I was thrilled of course!

The next morning, he put me in a cab with an address and said he'd meet me there after his tour and we'd go to lunch before going back to the hotel and getting ready for the "company dinner." After my massage, facial, hair and makeup session, I saw Luke standing behind me at the salon with a bag. He'd bought me a really nice dress that he'd picked out by himself, as well as jewelry and shoes. To top it off, he surprised me with tickets to the musical, "Wicked."

After an amazing show, my boyfriend mentioned that he wanted to go by Millennium Park before we went to dinner. We walked out into the park and had a view of all of Chicago. In three feet of snow, he got down on one knee and proposed. Despite the frigid weather I was no longer cold. I couldn't stop the tears from running down my face.

It was from that spot in Millennium Park, my fiancé told me the truth about our "won trip." He had been organizing this trip for months and had worked with my boss, our good friend and even the vendors at the spa and hotel to make our engagement weekend as magical as I'd ever dreamed of.

After a few moments of hugging, kissing and pictures, my new fiancé and I got in a cab to go back to the hotel where there were champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, along with Frank Sinatra music playing in the background. We danced by candlelight in our hotel room and drank the bottle of champagne before heading to dinner on the 70th floor of one of Chicago's finest restaurants. We had a fabulous dinner and a wonderful bottle of wine, as I smiled the night away knowing that I'd spend the rest of my life with my prince who had made my engagement dreams come true!

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