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Trenecsia H.

On November 9, 2008, I was leaving church and I got a text message from Josh. It read, "Got your message, I'm on my way." I was a little confused because I had not left him a message. I figured that someone at church must have told him I was looking for him, but the message did not make much sense.

My roommates and I hopped in my car and took an eight minute drive to our townhome. We opened the door and start blaming each other for leaving on all the lights. As we put our stuff down, one of my roommates saw a note on my laptop that read, "Play Me." Needless to say, that was a little freaky! Right before we pushed play I saw a note next to the computer that said, "Hey Josh, I ran out of cell phone minutes so come to the house." My signature was forged at the bottom. This was all a little strange.

I connected the note and the text that I got from Josh. I then pushed play on the laptop and begin to watch a video. In it, Josh walked into my house calling my name, "Trenecsia. Trenecsia I'm here. I got your note. Trenecsia are you home?" All of the sudden, someone jumped out of my closet and took Joshua! Then, mimicking the Saw movies, a jigsaw popped up on the screen and asked the infamous question, "Would you like to play a game." He told me that if I wanted to see my boyfriend again, I would need to follow the directions and solve the clues. Our adventure began immediately!

Arlecier, my roommate, went to use our downstairs bathroom and yelled, "Trenecsia! Come here!" I ran to the bathroom to find a tape recorder taped to the shower wall; it had my name on it and said "Play Me." I pushed play and it informed me that there was a clue near me. I said to my roommates, "You guys look upstairs and I will look down here." Within a matter of minutes, I heard my name again. I ran upstairs and there was an envelope on my bed taped to a box of hair restoration solution. I opened the note and I had to unscramble the words to figure out the clue. The clue said I had to go to a "pacific place where humans and robots domain. The box office will supply your next clue." I knew immediately that it was referring to the Pacific Place movie theater where Joshua and I had our first date. We saw I, Robot.

We got in the car and headed to downtown Seattle. I went to the ticket booth and asked if they had a clue. They handed me an envelope attached to a bottle of Benefiber. I opened the envelope and had to decipher another code. This clue told me to, "Go back to where it started, when your dad was watching us by my car." On our first date Josh picked me up from my church, so I assumed this was the spot. When we got there, we started looking around for another clue. Tanesha, my other roommate, saw an envelope taped to a garbage can. We pulled it off and opened it up. It had a clue in it along with denture cream. The clue led us to a Spa.

We got to the Spa and discovered that it was a nude spa (Josh didn't know that)! So, we opted out of their services, but proceeded to a nail shop and got manicures! After the manicure, I didn't have a clue. So, I figured I would listen to the recorder to see if anything was on there. There was another message! I was told to carry on with my evening plans and that I would receive another clue when it was over.

After my ladies event at church, Arlecier got a text message that said, "Your next clue is in the nursery." My roommates and I went to the nursery and began looking. My God-sister, Tia, came in and helped us look. She opened up a cabinet and found a note that said, "Go back to 2004 where it all started. Blue-Phi. North_ _ _ _." "What does that mean?" Tia asked me. I explained to her that Josh and I officially met in 2004 at his fraternity brother's birthday party at the Red Robin in Northgate.

We pull into Red Robin and went inside. I saw one of the guys from my church, so we sat and chatted for a bit. Then my mom came in, followed by my dad, and then my brother and his family. I still didn't know what was going on. As we were all sitting at the table waiting for our food, my dad stood up and made an announcement. He said, "As you all know Josh was kidnapped earlier this afternoon. I was told we have a video to watch."

We pressed play on the laptop and Josh popped up. "Hey, Trenecsia. I'm ok. I'm not really kidnapped. I want to explain the items you picked up." He then began to tell me that he might lose his hair when he gets older, so that was what the hair solution was for. He might need to have fiber supplements as he ages, explaining the Benefiber. Lastly, his teeth may one day fall out, so down the line, denture cream may come in handy. He proceeded with, "So, what I'm trying to say is…" The video cut out.

I looked up and Josh had walked in with 2 dozen of long stem red roses. "Move the tables, move the tables," Arlecier commanded everyone. Josh got on one knee and opened up a box with a gorgeous ring inside. Joshua finished, "What I'm trying to say is that I want to grow old with you. Will you marry me?" I jumped up and started hugging him. "Are you going to answer?" my mom asked. "Of course," I exclaimed, "Yes! I will marry you!"

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