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Leslie M.

The date was December 23, 2008. My boyfriend asked me out to dinner, which wasn't unusual for him. We went to dinner at a very nice, romantic restaurant. I was sure he was going to pop the question. He didn't.

As I look back now, he was very fidgety, went to the restroom a couple of times and kept looking at his watch. On our way out there was a limo sitting in from of the restaurant. I said, "Oh wow, someone has a limo." Scott said, "Hey Leslie, let's get in!" I said, "No, you are crazy! We will get into trouble!" He kept playing with me and said, "Come on Leslie!"

I walked over to our truck and got in. As I was shutting the truck door, the limo driver came around and said, "Are you Scott Nixon?" My faced dropped to the ground I am sure. Scott said yes and looked at me and said, "Come on, Leslie." I walked over slowly and climbed in. He told me he didn't know what to get me for Christmas, so he rented the Limo for two hours and wanted to take me to the canyon and around town to look at Christmas lights while drinking wine.

We looked at lights for a while, and as our time was ending Scott asked if I wanted any gum. He reached for his jacket pocket and pulled out a ring box. I freaked out and started giggling until I was out of control. He said, "Leslie…" and that is all I remember until he put the ring on! I called my mom about 10:30 that night and said, "Can we come over?" She said, "Are you going to show me a ring?" I said no. She said, "Oh yeah right, I know you too well."

We went to her house, and I told her about the evening. She asked Scott and I how he proposed. I said all I remember is him saying, "Leslie..." My parents laughed and Scott said, "Well if I had known you weren't going to pay attention I wouldn't have stressed and just thrown the ring at you." I found out later that when he was going to the restroom he was calling his mom and checking on the limo and freaking out about the whole thing. He wanted everything to be just perfect, and it was!

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