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Leigh-Ann J.

I was really looking forward to my plans one weekend in October when my sister, sorority sisters and some other friends were coming into town. My boyfriend, Cameron, had also planned a wine and cheese party that Saturday. I had just finished a big exam, and was about to surround myself with loved ones. Life was good.

One evening that weekend, my friends and I were at the mall shopping getting our nails done. My sister was coming into town to take pictures of my friend Mia, so when she called Mia rushed me out of the nail shop because she was waiting for us. When Mia and I pulled up into my parking lot, there was an envelope on my door with the letter "L" on the front. The letter said, "You are cordially invited. Leigh-Ann, your immediate presence is requested on Friday, the Twelfth of October, Two Thousand and Seven at six o'clock in the evening. Location: Omni Hotel. Key enclosed. Please come directly to the room...Alone. ~BCW"

I was running late! At this point I was confused, but Cameron does sweet things for me all the time so I just figured he came into town to surprise me because I hadn't seen him in a couple weeks. I rushed around and got myself together while Mia and Faith were laughing at me. I parked at the hotel and ran upstairs, expecting to see Cameron in the room, but as I approached the door, I saw another note. The envelope read, "Before you go inside..." and the note said "...she is worth far more than rubies (Proverbs 31:10). Once you get inside the room please take a minute to look around. 1) A bubble bath has been prepared for you in the bathroom. Please take a few minutes to unwind from a long day and prepare for an exciting evening. The alarm clock will sound when it is time for you to begin getting dressed. 2) An outfit for the evening has been prepared, and you can find it lying on the bed. I hope you find it to your liking. 3) Everything you will need to get ready should be in the bathroom. I have no question that you will look absolutely stunning...4) Please be ready to depart by seven o'clock, as you will receive a phone call at that time with further instructions."

I walked into the room and it took my breath away. Music was playing softly in the background. The bubble bath was waiting for me, and I saw a dress, shoes and earrings all laid out on the bed. On the table were pictures of us growing up, strawberries, chocolate and champagne. After my bath, the alarm rang as promised. My heart was pounding as I got ready.

At 7 pm the phone rang. It was the front desk telling me that there was a limousine waiting for me downstairs. I got in the limo, and the driver handed me another note. The envelope said, "While you ride..." and the note inside said, "Hold on to these moments...Remember these feelings...Once the car stops...follow the roses!"

The limo arrived at the University of Viginia Chapel. I followed the trail of roses until I saw Cameron standing on the steps of the South Rotunda. He took my breath away standing there with a rose, dressed in all black. We walked around the rotunda and down to the lawn to take a walk like we did in undergrad and talk about our relationship over the years. We looped back around to the steps of the North Rotunda, and when we got to the top, the conversation ended with him saying, "Remember what I told you I was thinking the first time I met you? I was thinking that you were the type of girl I'd like to marry...". At this point he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes, and a group of students who had been gathering on the lawn erupted in cheers.

The paparazzi (Faith and Mia) jumped out of the bushes and started congratulating us and taking pictures. I was floating on cloud nine when my fiancé and I walked back to the limo together. When we sat down, he said, "I have one more surprise for you." The driver dropped us off at L'etoile on West Main Street. Inside, our parents were awaiting our arrival. We had a wonderful dinner talking about the engagement, our future and the merging of our two families.

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