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Leanne T.

Dustin had told me not to make any plans for one weekend in March, but wouldn't tell me why! I was dying to know what we were doing, but he just wouldn't give me any hints. About a week before "the weekend," he gave me a long code of numbers and letters and told me that it was my clue. I attempted to decode the clue for hours, but was unsuccessful!

On Saturday, March 8th, Dustin woke me up at 6 am and told me to pack my bag. He didn't want to give away the surprise, so he told me to pack everything! Two suitcases later, I hopped into Dustin's truck and we started to head west. My first thought was that he was taking me camping - not my cup of tea, but I was still excited! Three and a half hours later, I passed a sign for the "Biltmore Estate." I was secretly hoping that this was where he was taking me! As we started to drive through Asheville, North Carolina, it started snowing. That was when I was really wishing we were headed to the Biltmore and not camping!

Before I knew it, we pulled into the Biltmore and he drove straight to the Biltmore Inn! It was so pretty, but I kept saying, "We don't have to stay here, there's a Marriott nearby where I can get us a great rate." After we checked in and settled into our room, he told me to start getting ready because we were headed to a red wine and chocolate tasting at a local winery! We went through the tour of the winery, and then the guide took us down to the champagne cellar for the actual tasting. It was a beautiful room - part of the original winery with stone walls from floor to ceiling and candles everywhere.

We started the wine tasting, and I was having a blast! After the tasting was over, everyone was supposed to head back upstairs for some more wine and socializing. I was the first one to get up and was waiting by the stairs for Dustin. As people started exiting, I looked around and saw Dustin in the back of the room. He was looking up at some old pipes and started asking me if I thought they were the originals. Dustin loves that kind of stuff, so I thought it was pretty normal! After a few minutes, we were the only ones left in the champagne cellar. I remember thinking it was just so pretty, so I took my camera out and started taking pictures. A few seconds later Dustin came over and hugged me and told me how much he loved me.

Before I knew it, the guide walked back into the room; I thought we were going to get in trouble for still being in the room. I said to the man, "Sir, I am sorry, I just love this room so much and I wanted to take some pictures!" He replied, "Well, I'm glad you like it so much because I think it's going to be very significant in your life."

I went to look for Dustin; he had walked over to a cocktail table in the corner of the room. As I stepped towards him in confusion, he presented me with a bottle of champagne and told me to read the label. On the label it read, "Leanne D. Trout, Will You Marry Me?" I was in shock and couldn't say anything. Dustin got down on one knee, opened up a little black box with the most beautiful ring and asked if I would marry him! I said, "Yes!"

We eventually made our way back upstairs and were congratulated by everyone and poured champagne to celebrate. The best part was when I called my parents to tell them the news; my Dad already knew! Dustin had asked my Dad for my hand in marriage and he was even able to keep it a secret from my Mom! It was the best day ever!

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