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Laurisa M.

What a crazy ending to what was two long weeks of planning the engagement! After converting the Love of My Life to an Oakland A's fan, I figured it would be pretty nice to propose in front of hundreds of people at an A's game and what better game than playing against our hated rivals, the Angels?

I put the bulky box in my back pocket and we headed off for the game. Not even 5 minutes into our road trip a commercial comes on the radio. Have you ever heard those "Real Men of Genius" commercials that Bud Light puts out? Well, if you haven't, it basically pokes fun of people and their dumb habits, in this case, proposing at a professional game. After the commercial finished, Laurisa laughed so hard and told me how unromantic it would be to have that happen so I sat the whole game, uncomfortably.

It was time to unleash Plan B. I ended up going to Michael's to get these squares made of out felt which I had my sisters help me create letters that when put together, spelled "W i l l Y o u M a r r y M e ?" My plan was to invite every one of our close family and friends over so that we could watch the Manny Pacquio fight (at least that's what Laurisa believed). Everyone knew I was going to propose and I wanted their help because, after all, they are all a part of our family. How were they going to help? Well, that's when those felt letters came in.

As each person showed up for the fight, I advised them, at some point in the evening, to head to the bathroom to find a white tee shirt with a letter on it. The instructions were to put the shirt on but hide it from Laurisa by putting their original clothing on. One by one, people were coming in and out of the bathroom with smiles on their faces. I wasn't sure how everyone was going to line up (not because they can't spell, but just because people have to find their places) and as I gave the signal, Laurisa's friends distracted her while everyone tried to find their spot. I remember telling everyone to try and act natural and not create that awkward silence while they were getting in place. Did they listen? Nope.

It literally took about a minute because people were taking their shirts off and trying to act inconspicuous while Laurisa's back was to them. I knew it was all good when my nephews spelled "me" correctly so I told her that I loved her and that I had a question for her so she turned around and instantly began crying. I took off my shirt (as I was the question mark) and kneeled next to my nephews with the ring in my hand and she accepted with great happiness. The rest is history.

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