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Tracy V.

Marc and I had only been dating for two and a half weeks before I left to teach third grade for my second year in Central Virginia. It was hard saying goodbye and not knowing how the long distance was going to affect our relationship. There ended up being now problem because through many phone calls, emails and our random visits between Virginia and Michigan, we fell in love. We fell head over heels for each other and began discussing marriage.

On one of Marc's visits, he suggests we look for rings so he had an idea of what I liked. I knew that he would be proposing soon. It was before Christmas break and a lot of people told me he would most likely give me a ring then. However, Marc really wanted to surprise me. He called the school I teach at and began coordinating with the fourth grade teacher to propose to me before I flew home for Christmas. He had his flight booked for Friday, the day before I flew back to Michigan. To his dismay, the meteorologists were calling for a huge snowstorm on that day. So he scrambled, trying to switch his air miles to a new flight and get a flight on Thursday to miss the storm. No one would work with him.

His aunt, a travel agent, called herself and explained the whole story. The woman on the other line was so touched, she did whatever she could to get him on the Thursday flight. She was able to get him out before the big storm. He flew to Virginia without me knowing. Meanwhile, on Friday my students were excited and extremely energetic. I was doing all I could to stay focused and keep them entertained. I was happy when our class party was over so the kids could go to recess and play in the gym with the fourth grade class.

It was my break to clean up to go home! But then a student came in the room and asked me to come see a jump rope routine. I hesitated, but went anyway. When I went in the gym, the third and fourth graders were lined up in a row, holding letters that spelled "Will you marry me?" They all said it collectively, and then Marc came out from behind a door, got on his knee and proposed. Of course I said yes, and he slid the ring on my finger. I was in complete shock! It was such a romantic and meaningful proposal, and a day I will NEVER forget (along with my students who popped the question)!

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