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Laurie P.

Our story started on a Saturday morning. Three weeks before, we decided that if we met our goals for our diets, we could go on a fancy date the Saturday evening before Christmas. Andy's idea of a fancy date is planning a nice evening out and keeping me in suspense of what the night's events would be, only telling me what I would need and what type of clothes I should wear. We met our goals, and I had a lot of things to do that day to get ready for our fancy date. I still had not picked out an outfit and needed to fix my chipped acrylic nails, along with other household chores before his family came to visit for the holidays.

As I was getting ready to begin cleaning up the apartment, Andy told me that we were going on an African Safari and that I would need to pack a survival bag and could take care of other chores later on. He began listing odd items, such as my Big Red toothbrush (from the Lion Hunt you do at campfires), my pink Santa Hat, flip flops, comfy clothes, a snack, a bottle of water and a few other items. I packed all the items I could and then we left to go on our African Safari!

As we drove off, I kept asking questions to attempt figuring out his plans. He told me we needed to make a stop or two to help out one of his roommates with some Christmas shopping for his new girlfriend, but after that we would be on our way for the African Safari. We then approached Beauty Brands Salon & Spa, where he said he wanted to find out my opinion about some hair products. But as we approached the front desk, he said, "We have an eleven o'clock appointment for Laurie."

As they said it would be a few moments, I looked at him and he gave me a wink. I asked him what I was having done, but he wouldn't tell me. He said it would be a surprise, and that I would find out in time. When we were brought to the back, I soon found out that I was going to be getting a spa pedicure and get my chipped acrylic nails replaced with fiberglass tips. I was really excited about this and figured this was an early Christmas present, as I had a spa day on my Christmas list. Andy then brought in my Safari Bag so I could wear some comfy clothes at the spa and have my flip flops for my pedicure.

After this he said he had a couple errands to run quickly and would be back to pick me up when I was finished. The manager of the salon came to check on me periodically to make sure my day was going well and the girls asked what the occasion was. I told them we were going on a date that night. As I finished getting my nails done, another lady came over to me and introduced herself to me, and said she would be the one doing my facial. I was caught by surprise, but gladly accepted! After enjoying a thirty-minute facial, I found I would also soon be enjoying a thirty-minute massage. As I lay in the room, I thought, "Wow, he is going all out! I wonder how long this is going to last?"

When the massage was over, I felt completely relaxed and amazing. I was then told I would be having my makeup done, as well as having my hair styled! The makeup artist and I talked about the day and my plans for the evening. We joked about if maybe he had bought me a new outfit as well, so I wouldn't have to find something when I got home later. As the hair stylist was putting the final touches on my hair, Andy arrived to pick me up. We thanked all of the girls at the salon and thanked the manager for treating me so well throughout my six hours of being at the salon.

My man and I walked to the car and he asked how my day had been and what I had done, even though he knew perfectly well what treatments I had done! I, of course, responded that the day was amazing. He asked if I had thought of what I would wear that night, I said I wasn't sure yet, but I would probably need some time to find something. It was already about a quarter after five. He assured me that was fine and maybe it wouldn't take me long. We got to my apartment and I noticed first that he had picked up around the house and tidied up for me during the day, which was amazingly sweet of him, even after my whole day at the spa!

He told me I better go work on finding my outfit. I walked into my room and first saw a new long, black skirt with a matching top that I had tried on weeks before as something I would like for Christmas if I were to get any new clothes. He asked if I thought there was anything I might be able to wear for the night. I said I thought I had found something that just might work!

I turned around to face him, gave him a kiss and said thank you. I quickly got ready to go and came out to see that he had changed into some nice black pants and had his coat on ready to go. We took a few pictures of each of us separately and together by my Christmas tree, and I turned to get my coat so we could continue on for the evening. Andy then stopped me and said he had an early Christmas present for me to open first before we left. I happily opened a new black, button-down coat that I had been wanting. I now had a much nicer coat to wear out for the evening. Little did he know that I would have a present for him! I had also bought him a black coat that he had wanted for Christmas. To get him to open a present without him suspecting that it was a coat, I told him that now we wouldn't have the same number of presents to open on Christmas like we had planned, so I supposed he ought to open one of his presents. He then opened his new coat and had a great look of surprise! It was priceless!

We then took a few more moments together and a few more pictures, and left the house to go out to dinner. As we were driving I wondered where we were going, and tried to guess and get him to tell me, but the evening remained a secret. We finally arrived at the Kansas City Country Club Plaza. He said we had a few minutes, so we decided to go to the top of the Halls building to see the plaza lights. It was bitterly cold outside, with a wind chill of negative eight degrees. We went to the top of the building anyway and took a few pictures. I was ready to go, but Andy said, let's just enjoy the lights for a few more minutes. I turned back to the lights and Andy wrapped his arms around me to keep me warmer. After a moment he put his hands back in his pockets to warm them as I stayed in front of him looking at the lights and carriages below. He then said he could go back downstairs.

I turned around and saw Andy down on one knee holding a ring in his fingers. He said, "Laurie, will you marry me?" I said yes as a tiny tear of joy ran down my cheek. He put the ring on my finger and took my hand as I pulled him up to kiss him. After enjoying the excitement of the event for a moment, Andy told me we ought to get going. We went back down to the streets and walked up to small booth outside. He said he had reservations at seven. I looked around for posters on the booth to see what our reservations were for. Before I could find out what we were doing, the lady in the booth replied, "For Andy on the Cinderella Carriage?"

I was so excited to hear we were getting to go on the Cinderella horse-drawn carriage. I had always wanted to go on one. I quickly gave Andy a kiss on the cheek and double checked to make sure we were really going on the carriage ride! He said yes, and as the carriage driver was ready, we walked toward it to step on. I approached the coach and saw a dozen blush roses waiting for me in the seat of the carriage. We sat down and had our picture taken and enjoyed the ride as we discussed getting married. All the people at the plaza smiled and saw how much in love we were. After the carriage ride, we walked over to my favorite Italian restaurant, Figlio's. We enjoyed a candlelit dinner as everyone around us congratulated us when they heard the news that we had just gotten engaged. Our dinner was perfect, just as the day had been.

My man had planned the whole day, and I later found out that everyone at Beauty Brands Salon & Spa had known that we were getting engaged also! We went back later to show them the ring and tell them thank you again for being a part of our special engagement. We are now planning away for our wedding in the fall. But I will never forget the amazing engagement story that we have together!

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