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Lauren S.

After coming back from a long trip, my fiancé, Patrick, and I were excited to have a quiet night together in our apartment in Washington, D.C. Patrick offered to get takeout from our favorite Thai restaurant, and a slice of cake from our neighborhood bakery. This was a fairly common tradition for us, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I was sure this was just like any other night.

After finishing dinner, I laid on the couch ready for some vegetating in front of the TV while Pat went to the kitchen with the dishes. Since my sweet tooth was ready for dessert, I reached for the bakery bag with the slice of cake sooner than Pat expected, and found a ring box inside! Pat heard me gasp from the other room, stopped washing the dishes, rushed back to me, got on one knee and asked me to spend my life with him.

This moment was entirely intimate, with only the two of us in our apartment. As there is usually such a big deal made of how a guy proposes to a girl, with stories of extravagant proposals while skydiving or other elaborate schemes, but our story is simple and just as romantic, meaningful and personal for the both of us to remember always.

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