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Lauren R.

On my fiancé's birthday and our second anniversary, I had a special dinner planned for him that night and was preparing for a very busy day of work. I was running errands during the day and was on my way to an afternoon meeting with my boss. I called him for final directions, and he said, "I'm so glad you called. The meeting was just cancelled. Why don't you just head home." I called my sister, who lived a few blocks away at Temple University. She had her school books delivered to my apartment because I had an indoor delivery system. I told her I would be getting home early and that she could stop by to grab her packages.

I walked into my lobby and there she was. So, we walked up to my apartment. I opened the door and immediately said, "Did Jay vacuum?" Not noticing the dozen roses on our entryway table and a note taped to the entryway mirror, I stood in a very confused state of mind. I began to read the note and only really comprehended a few words: "I'm sorry to hear your meeting was canceled this afternoon." It said that my sister Lindsey would be taking me somewhere for a special treat and that I needed to be ready to leave our apartment in my favorite dress by 7:00 that evening. By that time, Lindsey had made her way into the kitchen, and I followed her in there trying to figure out what was going on. In the living room and kitchen, there were more flowers and yes, Jay had in fact vacuumed the whole apartment! Lindsey grabbed a bag off of the countertop and took something from the refrigerator. She said, "We have to go, our ride is here." There was a taxi waiting for us outside, and she shoved me into the open door.

Once we were inside, I was intently trying to figure out what in the world was going on. She said, "Lauren, just relax. Jay is trying to do something nice for you for your anniversary and Valentine's Day. What is wrong with you? Enjoy it!" So, I just sat there in the cab, very confused. We arrived at my favorite manicure spot in downtown Philly and inside, they had two pedicure chairs waiting for us. We had a fun afternoon of pedicures and manicures and enjoyed a bottle of champagne. When we were finished, we grabbed another cab where she had dropped me off, and she said to just call her later.

Back inside my building, I opened the door to my apartment and there was Jay, handsome as ever in a suit and tie. He said we had dinner plans at 7:00 but that I could just relax until we had to go. Relaxing to me meant putting on a bathrobe. I headed out to the kitchen and picked up one of our Persian cats, when Jay said, "Lauren, stop it. Come over here." I turned around, and he was on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?" I backed into the corner and immediately started to cry. He pulled out the ring, and I was still crying, asking if my parents knew. He had gone to visit them the weekend before to get their permission, and they were waiting at home for the call. We called all of our family members and then headed to a fabulous dinner at Waterworks Restaurant on Boat House Row. Needless to say, it was a wonderful and very unexpected day!

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