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Lanesha M.

The morning before our seventh anniversary, I was working at home as usual. On Mondays, Mark usually works a half-day and is home by 2pm. So, Mark called me several times to get me to cancel the appointment I had with my tax advisor, which I had scheduled for later in the day because I thought he would be working longer than usual (we only have one car). Each time that he asked me to cancel, I continued to insist that I just could not do it. So, he eventually wore me down to the point that I contacted my tax advisor to see if he could possibly fax me the documents to sign, and my advisor just filed an extension.

At around 11:30 am, Mark called me again to pick me up to go down the street somewhere. During the ride, he kept talking about trust and our relationship. I didn't think much of it and kept going along with the conversation. As we were heading back to our place, he continued to talk. At that point, I was thinking, "Is he about to break up with me? " He continued to talk as he pulled into the parking garage and into a space to park. So, I responded with questions and he finally asked me seriously, "You trust me right? " Of course I said yes. He then said, "Pack your bags, we're going to Hawaii. " I didn't believe a word that he said at that point, but I soon noticed that he was serious.

After about five minutes of disbelief and saying, "Stop playing, " I just started crying and smiling because he knew that I had wanted to go on vacation and for us both to just get away from everything. I finally got myself together and realized that we were leaving that evening. This was going to be my very first flight and to Hawaii none the less. I literally had less than two hours to pack before the limo picked us up to take us to the airport. He had everything planned out perfectly. After getting over my fear of flying, I loved it. Mark had always told me that he would be the one to get me on a plane. He also said that it would be a long flight too. He definitely did not lie because after nine and a half hours on the plane, we finally touched down in Honolulu.

We started off the day very early with a workout at the resort and headed to do a little exploring in Waikiki. We eventually ended up at the mall, where Mark picked out a swimsuit for me and trunks for himself. Later that day, after exploring and shopping, we put on our swimsuits and went to the beach to do a little surfing. Mark spoke about surfing that entire day. So, he thought that he was a pro when we finally went to the beach to actually do it. Once we got to the beach, he told me to find a nice spot to put our stuff, while he went to get our boards. He took about a good fifteen minutes then called me over to introduce me to this woman our age named Brenda. He continued to tell me that Brenda was going to record us as we went surfing. I wasn't ready to go out in the water yet, so he went out by himself while Brenda and I watched from the shore, where Brenda was recording. He thought he was a pro going out there and fell off a couple of times. He was hilarious! Meanwhile, Brenda and I talked about her engagement, which had occurred recently.

When Mark finally came back after giving surfing a shot, he took me out to the water. I paddled around a little over the waves. We eventually came back to the shore, and Mark told me to take the board out of the water because he needed to run back to get something. So, he ran back over to where Brenda was, and I was left trying to pull this heavy surfboard out the ocean. I guess I was really focused on what I was doing because I didn't see Mark coming back towards me until he was behind me. He instantly got on one knee in the water and started telling me how much he loved me and how we had been together for seven years. I'm pretty sure that he said much more, but I didn't hear from that point on because I was laughing and crying at the same time. I had always imagined that I would cry during the proposal, but it seemed that I laughed more. I was so happy and surprised at the same time; it was more than I could have ever expected. So, I finally said yes, and he grabbed me, hugged me, yelled and then threw us both into the water. People on the shore were whistling and clapping. It was fantastic!

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