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Lady May S.

One Saturday, my boyfriend woke me up by blasting the song "You and Me " by Lifehouse and giving me a dozen roses for our 91st month anniversary. I had been sick the past week, so I thought he was just being really sweet and trying to make me feel better. We went out to breakfast and as we were waiting for our food, I told him that I had a dream that he proposed but that it wasn't much of a proposal. In my dream, we were on a cruise ship with my family, and as we were having dinner, he slid a box over to me with the ring that I wanted but with metal- like wings above and below. I told him that I was sad that he had just slid over the ring and didn't ask me or go down on one knee. He just laughed, but apparently I freaked him out a little bit, and he had to calm himself down so he wouldn't blow it.

We went home and watched the Cubs/White Sox game and near the end of it, we started to get ready for his friend's wedding at the Adler Planetarium. We took a cab to the Museum Campus, and as we were walking along, Ryan's hand got sweatier as he gripped onto mine. While we were talking, he was breathing strangely and had short answers to my questions. I was half-thinking that he would actually propose but also thought that he wouldn't steal the thunder from someone else's wedding day. We sat down looking at the view and talking about how the location was definitely one of our favorite spots.

Then, he said, "I love you beautiful. " I said it back, and then he started saying that he couldn't wait until we moved in together. I kissed him on the cheek, and then he started getting choked up. Everything happened so fast, and I couldn't believe he was actually proposing. He got down on one knee and said more things, which I made out to be, "I hope you want to spend the rest of your life with me as well. Will you marry me? " Of course I said yes!

At that point, I still thought we were going to a wedding afterwards. However, it turned out that Jeff had gotten married two months ago. It was all a ploy! He then had a whole evening of surprises for us. He had a limo come and take us to Tru. We did the nine-course Chef Collection, and the food was so amazing! After dinner, he had a horse-drawn carriage waiting to take us around the city. It was a beautiful night! After that, the carriage ride stopped us over by the Riverwalk on Michigan Avenue. Ryan insisted that we take a short walk along the river, and we ended the night with a show of fireworks at Navy Pier.

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