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Krystal R.

Matt and I met on St. Patrick's Day. As usual, it was raining in the Northwest. My hair was a wreck because of it, and I was wearing the only green sweater I could find. Strangely, I remember Matt being much taller than anyone else that night. He is tall, but in retrospect, I don't think he was really that much taller than anyone else, but just that he just stood out to me. It was our lucky day, and we have been together ever since.

After a year and a half of dating, living over an hour apart due to jobs and school, we spent most of our time on the phone or meeting half way in a small town. We did anything to see each other for only a couple hours, only to drive back home. It was horrible, and to top it off, to save money I decided to move in to my parent's house. Matt was definitely my sanity during those four months. They say that opposites attract, but we are more alike than anyone I know.

It was a usual October day; I got off work at 3:00 pm and I had a missed call from Matt. He never called me before I got off, so I instantly thought the worst, calling him immediately. He said in the most normal tone ever that he had an early Christmas present for me and wanted to give it to me then. It was also a weekday, which was not a normal day for us to see each other, but I really thought nothing of it. He said it was nothing special, something I had seen while we were out last, and that I could use now. I genuinely thought it was a kennel for our dog, which we had seen and talked about the weekend before. It was practical and would have really been handy at the time. We arranged to meet and met at a park on the bay.

Parks are still a joke for us, because along with restaurants, movies and shopping malls, parks were a place for us to meet. To this day Matt groans at the thought of going to a park. Still nothing was unusual, other than I wondered where my dog kennel was. Before I knew it, Matt had pulled out a ring, asking me to marry him. The sun was setting on the water, and as I looked at him, I knew we would be together forever. Since then we have bought a dog kennel together. So we did meet on a lucky day, but I don't think our finding each other was luck, but rather fate.

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