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Kristen W.

My boyfriend and I had been dating for almost six years and had talked about getting married next summer, but I often wondered if my fiancé knew I needed an official proposal before I started to plan! He had always talked about buying a boat, either a fishing boat or a speed boat. He even suggested buying a boat and calling it "Her Ring." As you can guess, that idea didn't exactly thrill me. The summer went by with no proposal, but we talked an awful lot about our future. Then the fall came, and we planned a trip to Canada. Both of us are very much into the outdoors, and we were meeting a group in Canada to do some off-roading. I had always loved backpacking and hiking for long-weekends, even week-long trips, but we had never hiked much together because there were just too many things to do.

We headed up to Canada a few days before the rest of the group came for our planned activities. We planned to hike in the Lake Superior Provincial Parks on a few long day-trails. The forecast predicted only rain for our week-long vacation. So, on a drizzly morning, we decided to go on the shorter hike around Orphan Lake in case the weather was really bad so we wouldn't be stuck on a long trail. We arrived at the trail head and began our hike. My soon-to-be-fiancé kept taking a lot of pictures along the way, which I found a bit unlike him. However, I enjoyed the fact that he was enjoying himself enough to capture the moments. We got to a spot about halfway through the hike, where we decided to squeeze through a pretty tight and thick trail to see what was on the other side. We ended up finding a beautiful open area with about half a dozen short waterfalls. Water was rushing down the mountain into Lake Superior. There were beautiful rocks exposed, clear but rushing water, green tree tops and beautiful sunshine!

I sat on the edge of a drop-off, soaking up the sun and looking into the horizon while he climbed around taking pictures of the beautiful spot we had just found. He then called over to me and told me he had to show me something. So, we jumped a few boulders and got to the middle of this stream. He started to ask me, "Do you remember when you used to say, 'I just want to be your girl?'" He told me how proud I made him and shared other intimate memories that I thought he had forgotten about. I remember thinking to myself that it wasn't really a proposal. He asked a few questions that I hardly remember since my mind was racing, wondering if this was really a proposal. He's not a romantic guy; he's an engineer who rarely gets emotional so it was strange but felt right. He said he had one more question. I honestly started to look around and see where I could push him in the water if this was all a joke. He asked if I would be his girl for the rest of his life and marry him. He pulled out a beautiful ring that just sparkled in the only sunlight we had seen that day. I of course said yes because he is my best friend, keeps me grounded and is honestly my everything.

Everything was perfect, even more than I ever could have dreamed. Everything ended up being so us, and I didn't know he had it in him to plan such a special and romantic moment. He even had designed the ring himself with a local jeweler, without me even knowing! It was a beautiful spot with the perfect timing. Best of all, we shared that moment with just the two of us. No one was around for miles, which felt even more special. I wouldn't change anything about it! We are now planning a mini-destination wedding, which will take place next summer on Drummond Island, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We are inviting our family and friends to share a week with us on the island enjoying its beauty and all of the outdoor activities.

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