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Kristen H.

Here is a little background about Sean and me: It started when I got bored one night and felt lonely. I met this wonderful man October 26, 2007 on MySpace. We've had been dating for a year and a half and we have been looking for rings. On February 14th he turned 25, and wanted to pop the question. We have been living away from our families in Charleston, South Carolina, for six months.

On Valentine's Day, he took me to downtown Charleston to a romantic dinner. He was very nervous and we just walk around wandering aimlessly for an hour. The next day we went back downtown to walk around the shops. He told me he wanted to go see the water, so we walked down a road leading to a fountain surrounded by an area adorned with trees and benches. The weather reports said that it would be 70 degrees outside, but it turned out to be 55 (a little cold for me)! I told him was super cold and wanted to go back to the shops to look around because it was warmer there. I started to walk away and told him I was going back to the car.

I saw that he really wanted me to come with him, so eventually in. However, I kept telling him that I was cold! He then looked at me and admitted that he was trying to propose. My mouth dropped to the ground and he went to one knee; before he could ask me I said yes. No matter what and how he asked me I was going to say yes, but now I have a great story to tell people!

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